Satellites & Sirens “Crushes Everything With Love” with New Release “TANKS”

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TANKS is Satellites & Sirens’ sophomore release from DREAM Records and 4th full studio album of their career as a band. Known for catchy pop rhythms and lyrics that stick in your head, this band released yet another fun album for its fans.

Starting off with upbeat song “Hey! (This is the Life),” Satellites and Sirens takes the side of appreciating life for what it is. The song speaks to the complacency that sometimes comes when we settle into a routine. It’s a call to action to snap out of that mindset and experience life rather than let it pass us by.

Track two also starts out upbeat with a catchy synth riff and Geoff Hunker’s vocals. This song is about identifying ourselves by love being “Who We Are”. The idea that love brings us together in unity is evident in the lyrics of this track.

Track three is one that lead singer Geoff Hunker names as a special song for him to write. In a culture and time where people constantly take photos of life trying to capture those moments to hold forever but this perspective offered in this song is a bit different. Through clever lyrics Satellites and Sirens convey that “Life is not a photograph/ You can’t control how the focus can change”. The bridge is a musical solo without words that reflects the idea that some moments don’t need to be captured but experienced. “Don’t waste your life imagining, go out and chase the moment.”

“Old Souls” starts with a simple chord progression before the rhythm and vocals come in. The verses and pre-chorus are lyrically dense while the chorus steps back for a pop-driven synth sound. This showcases the newer sound that Satellites and Sirens brings to fans in this album. Speaking to the idea that sometimes we rush to grow up and move on that we miss opportunities in the process.

“TANKS,” the title track, has a syncopated weave of vocals and music that lead up to the chorus. This song uses war language to talk about the revolutionary idea that instead of fighting with violence and hatred, ‘love is the new fight”, a refrain that makes up the bridge. The idea of “taking love to the front lines where the heart beats louder than the cry for war” is just the message audiences need to hear today.  

The intro to “Stereo” is a fun, rhythmic riff before the vocals come in. Along the same lines, “Living the Dream” has a clean guitar line introduction that leads into a verse reminiscent of 80s pop music. “Control” has a consistent synth lead throughout. Stand out lyrics are And i just want i want to know what it’s actually like/ to lift my heart instead of my eyes/ to take it in and finally live.

“Enough” is a ballad with smooth vocals throughout. Featuring Joel Vaughn, the theme of this song is being content as you are and resting in the fact that in Christ we are always enough.

An attractive intro brings in “Don’t Say a Thing”. The music quiets down for the verses and swells up for the chorus that goes Let your love come down tonight/ without a fight without a fight / don’t let your love run out tonight/ without a fight/ ‘Cause I know there’s strength in love.

“Wildfire” is a theme song for our generation. It inspires change to “Let our love start a Wildfire”. It serves as an anthem of our determination to see change in the world as a result of our love.

To close the album is “Waste Some Time”. Beginning with a foot-tapping beat introduction, this song was inspired by Geoff’s wife as a love song about being with the person that you love “wasting time” with that person. The chorus has a fun guitar part built around a synth stab refrain and the outro is a fade out of the music with creative vocal harmonies on top.

Thematically “TANKS” covers heavily the subjects of love and life. With many of the songs the band takes the perspective of enjoying life despite the hardships that it comes with. Things look bleak in our world and culture today but Satellites & Sirens points to the positive things in life and brings to light the perspective that Christians should take. This is the life we live and we should live it with tenacity. Also evident is the theme of love in this album. Both romantic love and Christ-like love are sung about to catchy pop-music all throughout the album.

Musically, Satellites & Sirens takes a more EDM and pop approach in this album and this sound evolution is well-done and something that old and new fans can easily get into.

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