The Eccentric Sheep Musings: Hope is Forever

Pretty much anything on earth can be taken away from you.  If the right circumstances fell into place you could lose your money, your things, your job, your partner, your family, or your life.  At any time you could become like Job and lose everything.  None of us are immune to the trials of life.

However, there are some things that can never be taken away from you.  These things are not as tangible as money and pleasing objects, but they are powerful things that can never be taken from you.  Nothing on heaven or earth can remove them from your hands as long as you want them.

One of those things is hope.  Hope is forever.  Hope is eternal.  Hope can never be taken away from you.  Hope is one of the most powerful things on earth, and this is because it comes from love, which is the powerful force in the universe that comes from God.

The hope that comes from God is powerful because it will be fulfilled one day.  It’s not a hope like “I hope my team wins,” and they might not.  No, the hope you get from God is guaranteed.  This is because God keeps every single one of his promises.  He promised that those who believe in his son Jesus who stay faithful will be with him in Heaven for all of eternity one day.  That is a promise you can count on.  That hope of something better after all of this is something you can count on for your entire life on this earth.

Hope is always with you.  No matter what you are going through, hope is right there with you always.  Even if you are afflicted with intense suffering from the time you leave your mother’s womb until the day your life is over and you return to the dust of the earth, hope is always with you!  This is because the hope that comes from being saved by the blood of Jesus is always with you no matter what trials you endure in this life.  This life is a mere blink compared to eternity.  This means that no matter how much you suffer here, it will always be but a mere blink compared to eternity.  Therefore you always have the hope that your suffering will be for only a short time, and God’s promises of an eternity free of pain are forever.

This is why any troubles you face are worth seeing through.  This is why you must always persevere and not give up on Jesus.  Hope is always with you because God is always with you!

I use to think that God had abandoned me.  I started fighting depression over 15 years ago in high school.  I became addicted to self harm through cutting.  I felt angry and alone.  I thought I was the lost sheep that God had never come to find.  It took almost 10 years for me to figure out that God had always been there with me.  God had never left me!  Even as I said he had abandoned me he stayed there with me always.  And that hope that he promised to me had been there the whole time as well.  Hope is still with me even as I still fight depression and anxiety along with urges from all my addictions that have come and gone while fighting to escape my inner pain instead of face it.

I went through all of that to sit here and tell you today that hope has always been with you, and this hope can never be taken away from you.  I went through all of that to tell you today that God has been with you this whole time, and he’s always going to be there.

And you know what?  Everything I have endured for over 15 years with mental illness and addiction was all worth it to be able to tell you that today.  Yes you, the one reading this right now.