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The brothers of About a Mile are back with an honest and heartfelt sophomore album, Trust You All the Way.  Frontman Adam Klutinoty recently had a life-changing encounter with God, and his complete trust in his Heavenly Father shines through in the lyrics.

The opening song, “Taking Back,” is a hard driving fight song, a challenge to the enemy that no matter how many times he may knock us down, God is infinitely stronger and will lend us His strength in order to conquer every single time.  The rock feel emphasizes the “fight song” nature of “Taking Back,” and the song ends with a great guitar solo, allowing Adam to show off his talent.

“Traded” is a musically intriguing number, the off-beat drum accents giving it a unique rhythm.  Adam sings of the wonder of Jesus trading His glitter and gold for our rust and imperfections.  The title track sums up the message of the album quite well, acknowledging that even in situations where it is difficult to trust God, we can rely on the unshakeable fact that He always comes through.

“Born to Live” has a fun dance beat that is sure to at least have toes tapping, if not heads bobbing and bodies dancing.  This song expresses what everyone wonders at some point: what is my purpose in this life?  We all long to have a higher calling and a reason for our existence, not satisfied with merely surviving.  It is our Heavenly Father who has put the breath in our lungs and filled our hearts with His love, so we can in turn pour out that love to others.

“Hallelujah” is a beautiful and well-crafted song.  It starts with a simple piano solo and Adam’s strong vocals until a few moments later when Levi joins in with a steady drumbeat, giving the song a solid foundation and some forward momentum.  The drums intensify and the song reaches a climax, Adam’s vocals crying out in gratitude that God’s love has the power to redeem us, no matter what has happened in our past.

After another energetic, upbeat song in “Undeniable,” the record ends with “All I Need,” the beautiful cry of a heart that has searched for fulfillment in many different places, and has come up empty every time.  It is only by accepting the perfect love offered by Christ that we can be truly content and find the fulfillment our hearts so desperately desire.  The Klutinoty boys pay homage to their strong Christian upbringing by closing out the album with an encouraging phone message from their father reminding them that Godliness with contentment is great gain.  This song features only an acoustic guitar, the perfect accompaniment to the sincere lyrics.

With Luke on bass and Levi on drums in support of Adam on guitar and vocals, the band has a well-rounded sound, and their strong bond as brothers is quite evident.  Trust You All the Way is an enjoyable and encouraging record, ranging from fun dance/pop to heavier rock.  It will have listeners coming back for a spiritual pick-me-up time and time again.

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