Movie Review: Priceless

What started as a song about worth, has now turned into a full length feature film and a campaign to free women from human trafficking. Joel and Luke Smallbone from For KING & COUNTRY began the journey to remind women of their worth with their hit song “Priceless.” The song sparked a conversation and a desire to do something more, and from that the film was born.

Directed by Ben Smallbone, and starring Joel Smallbone, the film follows the story of James (Joel Smallbone) and his efforts to rescue Antonia (Bianca Santos) and her sister Maria from the grips of sex trafficking led by an evil man named Garos.

While the film depicts a very serious and difficult story, it does so in a very artistic and manor. The talented acting of Smallbone and Santos adds weight to the story, and shows the gravity of the situation, and helps viewers understand that this is a very real story that is happening all over the world, even today.

The film was also adapted into a novel, which extends the story in such a way that wraps readers in, and makes them feel as if they are a part of the story.

Overall, the film does a phenomenal job at informing and educating viewers about the tragedy that is human trafficking. It also shows a beautiful story of redemption, and the power of God using his followers to overcome evil.

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