Hip Hop Theologian Sho Baraka’s “The Narrative” Debuts at No. 6 on iTunes Hip Hop Chart & No. 26 on iTunes Overall

Critically acclaimed hip hop artist Sho Baraka unleashed The Narrative last week, and it was well received by fans and critics alike as it peaked at No. 6 on iTunes Hip Hop Chart and No. 26 on iTunes Overall Albums Chart. Created with the intention to generate a discussion among each other about the social issues we face today and throughout history, Sho Baraka is doing just that as shown by the critics below:

“Sho Baraka gives us conscious hip hop that makes us think. It is not intended for easy listening. It was created to provide an important narrative during a critical time in our history.” – NewReleaseToday

“The Narrative is a bag of trail mix, consisting of a blended assortment of sweet and salty treats. Sho speaks on the narrative of his origin story, his faith, love and fatherhood, while addressing the issues of social injustice, politics, poverty and the complex issues of American history. Its texture is both smooth and ridged.”- Wade-O Radio

“Sho Baraka takes us through a clear and realistic lens of the times we live in… Overall this is the best interpretation of Art meets reality.” -Crossroad magazine

While various sensitive topics are confronted, all are saturated in a Gospel worldview, which informs how Sho wrestles through each train of thought and sets out to inspire listeners to seek truth.

In honor of the charting release, the Humble Beast artist dropped a brand new music video for the fun, upbeat track “30 & Up 1986” on his YouTube Channel. “30 & Up 1986” celebrates the married life of grown folks.  The sound mixes elements of 80’s funk with a modern twist & the results are intended to get you dancing.   Though the song speaks about adult married life, the song has a message for audiences of all ages.  Sho Baraka & Courtney Orlando have created an anthem for adults in Love.  “30 & Up 1986” boldly showcases that growing up & being committed to a spouse isn’t something to be avoided but rather something to aspire to. See music video below.

Currently, the hip hop theologian on the “Spotlight” tour with label mate Propaganda. Each night, the Humble Beast artists will dive deep into the topics of compassion, unity, ethics, race, faith, and the church. The hope is to move past the Twitter rants & Facebook debates to a place where people are no longer disillusioned, but inspired and equipped to step back into their communities with fresh eyes, compassion in their hearts, good news on their lips – ready to live as lights in a dark world. See tour dates below and for more information or to book a “Spotlight” tour date, please click here.

“30 & Up 1986” music video was shot in Atlanta & inspired by the 90’s film “House Party,” including some comedic scenes that will stir up nostalgia for those familiar with it.

Source: Sundari PR

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