TelePastor Offers Churches a Secure, Low-Cost Video Counseling Platform

As pastors seek to shepherd their church members and lead their pastoral teams, challenges surrounding the formal and lay counseling ministries at churches are growing daily.  Pastors and congregants have hectic schedules. Pastors often lose productivity due to missed appointments. Coordinating a face-to-face meeting with those they shepherd can mean covering long distances when meeting with church members who live or work far from the church location.  Video conference platforms such as Skype, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts do not provide confidentiality and security measures that meet HIPPA guidelines for counselors.

TELEPASTOR launches as a simple, affordable solution for pastors of every church size and for denominational leaders. Created by My Client Notes, LLC., a Nuance Communications partner, TelePastor uses the HIPPA compliant e-Psychiatry platform to offer a confidential video chat platform that allows pastors to provide confidential counsel and coaching via computer or mobile devices.

Pastoral counseling, accountability and encouragement are an essential outreach nearly every church provides, yet it is often challenging for pastors and parishioners to find a convenient time to meet. TelePastor gives Pastors extra flexibility to meet the counseling needs of their congregation. Marriage and pre-marital counseling are two of the more common forms of pastoral counseling, and TelePastor can be a great solution when one spouse has a challenging schedule.  The system also offers more opportunities of continual care. Professional counselors have experienced this advantage with both fewer missed appointments and the ability to schedule brief follow-up visits.

TelePastor is the low cost answer designed for ministries of all sizes.

  •  The platform uses HIPPA approved TeleTherapy technology, the same platform used by industry leader e-Psychiatry. Video sessions are encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties or used for data-mining by the platform provider. The video sessions are also not recorded, creating even more confidentiality between the pastor and the individual.
  •  By offering secure, face-to-face counseling via an online platform, congregants are less likely to miss appointments due to scheduling issues.  This convenience also allows for continuing care when the individual moves, returns to college, travels for a job, or has a physical disability or illness.
  • Often, individuals only need a portion of their allotted counseling time.  This allows both the pastor and the individual ease in scheduling for short follow up visits.
  • TelePastor’s simple interface does not require any special computer skills, downloads or add-ons.  The pastor simply emails a link that immediately connects them to a secure video conference.
  • The TelePastor platform can be utilized in other areas of their church, including for small groups, welcome teams, and staff meetings. Denominations can use TelePastor for pastoral supports and communication.
  • TelePastor is affordable. Pricing is determined on a sliding scale, based on the size of the church congregation and the number of staff.

“We have found that churches provide an incredible ministry through counseling,” explains Karl Kay, CEO of “We are confident that TelePastor will help pastors be more effective in their counseling and time-management, while helping parishioners feel empowered and confident in seeking counseling.”

About e-Psychiatry:

Since 2007, e-Psychiatry has been the industry leader in providing telepsychiatry & teletherapy staffing and technology to US and international hospitals, health systems, long-term care facilities, provider practices, health plans, employers, and patients through our proprietary e-PsychiatryPro telemedicine platform and our nationwide panel of over 10,000 telepsychiatrists and teletherapists.

About TelePastor:

TelePastor is a video conferencing product of My Client Notes, LLC, a partner of Nuance Communications, with technology provided by e-Psychiatry. TelePastor allows pastors and staff to do private video sessions with parishioners who may be home bound or unable to visit with a staff member in person.  This is the latest technology used by professional counselors for over ten years to counsel people with a HIPAA approved platform all over the United States.

Source: Frontgate Media

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