Singer/songwriter Karen Hornsby, a fan favorite from the ABC TV show Rising Star, is slated to appear as a guest on LeSea Broadcasting’s flagship program, The Harvest Show, today, Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Fans can watch the show live at 9:00 a.m. ET or catch it online at Hornsby will talk about her experiences of overcoming extraordinary obstacles, including both her husband’s and her daughter’s battles with cancer, in addition to her experiences as a contestant on the ABC Television Network’s innovative reality show, Rising Star.

“When I was writing songs for my debut project, we were in the midst of a lot of pain and suffering,” Hornsby recalls. “While I’m not completely past that, we’re in a much better place now. My husband’s cancer has been in remission for eight years, and our daughter Gabi is five years removed from her last cancer treatment. Not that the journey has been easy or without consequences. Gabi is now blind and has lost her ability to speak. We’re helping her to learn Braille, and teaching her to walk again.”

“I realize that we are very blessed and I’m now in a season of rejoicing,” she smiles. “The devil thought he was going to use our situation to tear us down, but through God’s amazing grace we have turned that around. I’m here to tell this hurting world that there is a purpose for all the suffering. God is developing our character to catch up to our call so we can show the world that the best is yet to come!”

In addition to her singing career, Hornsby is also in demand as a speaker at women’s events, youth conferences and even at the occasional fashion show. “I usually get to sing a few songs at the end of my speaking session,” she says. “People seem to be inspired by our story, and it takes the songs on my album to a whole new level.”

“Now I’m trying be faithful to take my songwriting to another level, to be intentional about taking every thought captive,” she continues. “I couldn’t do that when we first started walking through the heartache. I couldn’t see the favor of God back then. But now, God has surrounded me with so many amazing people. I just want to encourage and inspire others who are going through hell on earth, who may be sitting in a hospital room, or who may have just received bad news about a loved one. This is the message I believe God has charged me to deliver: There is victory in the midst of suffering. It’s almost morning. Hold on!”

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