Love & the Outcome Talk About Their New These Are The Days Album

Love & the Outcome recently released their new album These Are the Days on September 23rd. I had the chance to chat briefly with Jodi King and Chris Rademaker about the album and life on the road with a baby…


What would you say is the overarching theme of your new album “These Are The Days”?

This album is a celebration of the season of life we are in. The Spirit encouraged us to rip up our ‘to do list’ and make a miracle list. We are learning to leave room for the Lord to move and provide, and not to do it for ourselves. So much of this album is about letting go and letting the Holy Spirit speak and lead and provide.  

Talk about the difference in sound with this album from the previous one.

Chris and I loved our first release. But listening back it feels like we were finding our feet as a band. Chris and I were two separate bands for a long time, and it wasn’t until Love & The Outcome formed a few years ago that we joined forces. He is a bass player and I’m a lead singer so for us to share the front of the stage took some getting used to! On These are the Days I hear both of us represented so clearly. We also had a lot of new stories and experiences to draw from, especially becoming parents, so there are many new topics and conversations represented on this release.

Is there a certain song that has special meaning for you personally?

We wrote “Seek and Find” for Milo when I was 5 months pregnant.  Its written as a letter to Milo, in anticipation of his birth.

In what ways has touring for both of you (Chris and Jodi) changed since having a baby with you?

It’s hard and wonderful! We have always wanted to travel as a family, so we haven’t left him behind yet!! We hit the road when he was six weeks old so it’s all he’s ever known. We have a lot of people hold him and take care of him in moments where we need to be two places at once. So he gives and received love so well from people! When he has a blowout and poops all over my clothes before a show, its a great moment to laugh and remember to not take myself to seriously!  The biggest challenge is probably balancing our road life and our home life.  It makes nap schedules tough to maintain.

What’s one piece of advice you would share with an aspiring artist?

Be yourself. Be honest about what you’re experiencing and write about it. Play and practice. Be kind. Work hard. Don’t wait for the dream opportunity. We all need to develop and grow so that we’re ready for what the Lord has in store!  

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