Jo’s Devotions 9/13/2016: Does God Disappoint?

I’m sure you’ve heard most believers say God never disappoints which is true. We also hear that God doesn’t always answer our prayers how and when we expect Him to. This is because His timing is best and He knows what is best for us. This is also true. So how do you feel during the moment when He doesn’t come through for you at a critical time? Disappointed, right?

One can only affirm that God doesn’t disappoint when he has seen the bigger picture and reflected on how far he has come. It’s until we have received something better and greater than what we were hoping for, that we can acknowledge that God did us a favor for denying us our request back then. But until we get to that ‘Aha! Moment’, we are bound to feel disappointed, dejected and let down.

As children, we would sometimes feel unloved by our parents when they refused to give us what our friends were receiving from their parents like a constant supply of sweets, new backpacks or shoes. Which good parent would deny his/her child nice things, we would think. Why would they spank us for the ‘little’ things when all the others would get is a warning?

It takes time and more experience in life to realize that our parents did right by us with the way they raised us. We may have found their parenting style unpleasant but we appreciate them more when we’ve grown up and matured enough to understand the choices they made for us.

So have I felt let down at a point because things didn’t go the way I expected them to? Countless times! And the temptation to call God unfaithful and disappointing becomes great when I’ve prayed through the whole process hence the confidence that He’s got my back only to have the door slammed shut in my face the last minute. I can’t help but ask, what did I do wrong? Did you warn me not to pursue this course and I didn’t listen? And if not, why didn’t you? Why did I have to come this far only to start all over?

But I’ve walked with God long enough to recognize a test of faith when I find myself in a tough situation. It is during such times that one’s patience and level of faith is refined. And God who tests us also helps us pass the test when we rely on Him to see us through. So the momentary disappointment and despair felt is replaced with relief and gratitude when His plans for us begin to unfold.

So yes, I have felt disappointed at a point; but no, God has never disappointed me. As the popular inspiring quote goes, don’t put a period where God has placed a comma. We only feel disappointed because we don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes. But when the picture becomes clear, then we know we owe God an apology for even entertaining the gloomy thought that He had abandoned us.

God loves us too much to give us anything less than His best. Just as a parent would snatch a sharp object from the hands of their curious baby and would not give it back to him no matter how loud he cries because they’re protecting him from himself, so does God refuse to answer certain prayers because He knows that it wouldn’t augur well for us if we got what we asked for.

So thank God for unanswered prayers; it only means He has something better coming your way! And remember, disappointment isn’t in God’s vocabulary.


© Josephine Amoako 2016