Brian “Head” Welch Gets Personal in New Book

Brian “Head” Welch has certainly been through quite a lot in his life thus far, but just as gold that has been refined in the fire, his faith has only become stronger.  And that faith can certainly serve as an inspiring example to anyone going through trials of any kind.  In the autobiographical “With My Eyes Wide Open,” Brian speaks about his life experiences and challenges with a refreshing and relatable honesty, as well as a healthy dose of humor.

Brian’s honesty allows people to see that even though one has become a Christian, life will not suddenly be perfect.  God captivated Brian’s heart and pulled him out of the rock and roll life style, and though he was filled with a newfound joy and overflowing with God’s love, Brian still experienced trials and the consequences of poor decisions.

Through persistent, intentional faith, Brian’s surrender to God’s plan allowed Him to restore all that was broken.  Brian’s relationships with the guys from Korn are even stronger than they had been, and God restored his relationship with his daughter Jennea, bringing about miraculous healing in her life.

This book is a testament to God’s faithfulness.  There were several times when Brian was going through a very challenging time and he could have easily gotten angry with God and walked away from his faith.  Instead, he decided to trust God and His promises even when they didn’t make sense, and God rewarded this faith in such incredible ways.  It is quite amazing that God can take a person who used to send someone out into the crowd before his band played a show to gather girls to party, and transform him into a person that sends someone out into the crowd to gather people with whom they can share the gospel and pray for.

No matter what one is going through in their life, whether hard times or a time of rejoicing, this well-written book will open one’s eyes to the healing and blessing that is available when we whole-heartedly put our trust in our Creator and Lover of our souls.  A must read for everyone, fan of rock and roll or not.

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