Randy Mason chats with A.O.N about his new album “Though The Heavens Fall”

I had the pleasure of chatting with Canadian emcee A.O.N about his new album “Though The Heavens Fall”. Here are a few highlights from our conversation, including his views on social justice, the sad fate of Drake fans in Calgary Alberta, and a humble prayer request in the end that I hope you’ll respond to.

Randy Mason: My name is alright, but not nearly as cool as yours. How did you come up with the stage name A.O.N?

A.O.N: In the book of Revelation it talks about how if you’re lukewarm you’ll be spit out of God’s mouth. I got it from that, you’re either giving God all or nothing. For a lot of years I sat on the fence. I grew up in a christian home, but later left and became an atheist. Eventually I came back, but was still living in sin claiming to be a Christian, until God took me out of that. That’s when I read the passage and decided to base my name on it.

Randy Mason: I love names with meaning. Your album title is also pretty awesome. Tell us about the concept of “Though The Heavens Fall”.

A.O.N: I was reading a book called “The Forgotten Spurgeon” and there’s a part where he talks about even if everything falls apart around us God’s word stands true, even though the heavens fall. I loved the quote, and decided to run with it for the title track. Initially the album had a different name prior to me reading the quote. When I read the quote it became the album title.

Randy Mason: What’s the Hip Hop scene like in Calgary Alberta Canada?

A.O.N: I used to perform at bars often. I did a show at a bar once unknowingly opening up for Satanist rapper. I shared the Gospel, and the promoter was upset about that. I haven’t played any bar shows since then because I refuse to compromise. Rap isn’t big here in my hometown (Calgary Alberta Canada). I’m in a little town where everyone loves country music.There are maybe two christian rappers that I know of in nearby towns. It’s pretty lackluster out here.

Randy Mason: That sounds frightening. The part about rap not being big out there.

A.O.N: Wu-Tang is big out here, if you come around saying you like Drake you may get beat up.

Randy Mason: That’s also frightening. Good thing this interview is happening over google hangout and not in person. So what was the creative process like writing this album?

A.O.N: I had a lot of beats and features that I’ve accumulated over the years as an indie artist. When I got signed to Anamorphic music we put it all together to make this album. We are also preparing to release a label project soon.

Randy Mason: Perhaps the most potentially controversial song on the album is “All Lives Matter”

A.O.N: A lot of christian rappers now are on the social justice tip, and that’s okay. I think it’s good to discuss, but I don’t agree with a lot of the popular movements such as the black lives matter movement; although I obviously believe that black lives matter. The minute you say all lives matter people shut down and don’t want to listen. I believe that what is happening in regards to police brutality in the black community is evil and needs to be spoken against, but the black lives movement as a whole is spreading more negativity than positivity, and is internally inconsistent. What about abortion, and other issues like it? Basically, social justice apart from Christ is like putting makeup on a corpse. The focus ought to be on the Gospel which brings reconciliation.

Randy Mason: There’s no shortage of things to pray about that’s for sure. With that said, How can we pray for you?

A.O.N: Pray for me as a husband and father, that I would love my wife and children in a way that’s biblical, and that music would not be an idol but just a ministry. In addition pray that I would not be fearful and anxious, but instead that I would live in light of the gospel, trusting in God.

A.O.N’s album “Though The Heavens Fall” is available now. A majority of the sales go directly to www.imb.org (International Missions Board) & www.calvarygrace.ca (A.O.N’s church home).

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