[Video] Legin "There He Go" (ft. Mission) / "All It Is" (ft. Erica Cumbo)

[Video] Legin “There He Go” (ft. Mission) / “All It Is” (ft. Erica Cumbo)

In this song Legin takes his listeners on a journey into the heart of a man tempted by lustful desires while traveling and trying to do the right thing. With top notch production and awesome story telling ability. Legin delivers one of his most transparent tracks to date. Listeners will be simultaneously captivated and encouraged to stay on watch against temptation. In the midst of temptation, we understand that the gospel can help change our lives so that we can resist temptation.

He wanted to end this video in a fun and energetic way. Legin invites Erica Cumbo on this fun record to explain how easy it is to understand what changed their lives and brought them to where they are now. And that’s all it is!!

Directed and Edited By: Will Thomas

Source: SOHH PR

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