Frontiers recording artist and Moody Radio morning drive-time host Perry LaHaie has announced the release of his newest radio single and music video. “Ahead,” the title track from LaHaie’s current CD, went for adds at Adult Contemporary and Light A/C Christian radio recently. The sparkling single is the third radio release from LaHaie’s critically-acclaimed CD, Ahead, and follows in the footsteps of his previous singles, “Your Own Backyard” and “Unqualified.” Click play above to see the new music video for “Ahead.”

Written by LaHaie, along with Grammy-nominated songwriter Jeff Pardo (Josh Wilson, Mandisa, Francesca Battistelli, Kutless, Citizen Way) and Grammy Award-winning engineer Andy Hunt (Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Olivia Newton John), “Ahead” was inspired by a quote from Navigator’s founder, Dawson Trotman, who powerfully captured what the life of faith is, in a single sentence: “When you can’t see very far ahead, go as far ahead as you can see.”

Give me strength to take a step, to know my story’s not done yet, LaHaie sings. And when I can’t see very far ahead, to go as far ahead as I can see.

“Ahead gets at the real tension of the life of faith, the tension between knowing that God has good plans for us, including to make us a blessing to the nations, and our inability to make that happen.”  says LaHaie. “God gives us amazing promises about what he’s going to do with our lives and then says, ‘You can’t do this, only I can. Follow me, I’ll give you light for each next step.'”

LaHaie has a particular passion to bring the blessing of the gospel to the Muslim world: “95% of western missionaries go the places in the world where the church already exists,” says LaHaie. “It breaks my heart when I realize that I’ve heard the gospel hundreds of times and yet there are masses of people that haven’t heard it once. I believe it’s time for a reset; it’s time to go where the church isn’t, where there aren’t any believers. It’s time to finish the Great Commission.”

In addition to being a singer/songwriter and radio personality, LaHaie is a sought-after guest on a number of national and international television shows, including LeSea Broadcasting’s flagship show, The Harvest Show and Cornerstone TV’s flagship show, Real Life.

For all radio inquiries, contact Jeff McLaughlin at A-Sides Radio Promotion at  or 615-530-3654.

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