Jo’s Devotions 08/15/2016: Praise through the Pain

The atmosphere during praises in church is usually charged with mirth;

While worship time is most often a solemn moment;

We praise God for His provision during the past week;

For His protection and our answered prayers;

For the gift of life and good health;

For no bad news heard and traveling mercies;

For peace of mind and joyful heart;

We sing praises and dance our hearts out.


It is much easier to give God heartfelt praises;

When all is going well and your heart is light with gladness;

But it is a totally different experience;

When you have to praise through some pain;

When your urgent prayers are put on hold;

And instead of good news;

All you hear are further delays and obstacles;

When the body is too weak and the heart aches;

And all you can do is cry;

How can you praise when the heart is heavy;

And filled with sadness?


Walking with God doesn’t guarantee a stress-free life;

But it is a consolation to know that nothing happens to you;

Without God’s permission;

Even through the darkest times;

He is in control;

That’s why there’s the need;

To always praise in advance;

Praise before your prayer is answered;

Praise before your expectations are met;

God dwells in the praises of His people, right?

Then lift up some praises;

And bring Him down into your situation;

And when God is around;

You know miracles are bound to happen;


Just as we need to turn our worry into worship;

We have to turn our pain into praise;

We can only get the enemy to vomit up our stolen possessions;

By forcing God’s praises down his throat;

We tend to groan and complain when we are in pain;

And begin to have a pessimistic outlook;

And that’s what the enemy wants us to do;

Groan and doubt what God can do;

And lose joy and faith in Him;

But if we praise instead of groan;

Worship instead of worry;

The tables get turned;

And what was meant for our harm;

Turns around for our good.


We only meet certain people in church every week;

And we shake hands with smiling faces;

But we don’t know what each one went through during the week;

We observe some people over excited during praises;

And sometimes wonder what may be the reason;

The gentleman could be praising God for His provision;

And another lady could be praising through her pain;

God inhabits both;


No matter what you may be going through;

A trying moment or a delightful one;

Let praises never cease flowing from your lips;

And keep your heart joyful;

For peace and faith can’t dwell in a disturbed heart;

Praise when you are promoted;

Praise harder when you are rejected;

Because something better is on its way.


© Josephine Amoako 2016