G.E.N.E. Takes Us On A Musical Journey In His New Album the “University Of Power”

As of August 5, 2016 class is now in session as Christian Hip Hop artist G.E.N.E released his new album entitled the “University Of Power“. This album has been one in the works since the release of his last full-length cd [“Christ The King”], and over the past few years he has been hinting of a new album through his singles. Now the wait is over!

The “University Of Power” is an album about Faith; having faith in yourself and the talent(s) GOD has given you, and placing all our trust in Jesus Christ allowing Him to lead & direct our paths.

“This album takes you [the listener] on a musical journey through college and my hope is that each song encourages you to keep your faith in GOD and in all the talents He has give you. Never give up on your dreams and goals no matter how big they are; and allow the Lord to direct your path. The closer we get and grow toward Jesus Christ, the more He will reveal in us and through us.” G.E.N.E. says

A message that’s so prevalent and needed today. But why wait so long to release this album? G.E.N.E. shares:  “This album’s title was given to me three years ago; shortly after the release of the “Christ The King” cd on a Saturday morning around 6am as I laid in the bed. But before I could share it with you I had to go through it. I have always had big dreams, things that seemed to be too far out of my reach. But what I had to learn is how to take those dreams and turn them into goals that I could go after and achieve. Dreams are great but if we are not careful they can turn into nightmares, leading to envy and self hatred. What I experienced is that I had all these ideas these dreams in my head that I wasn’t doing anything with. I was sitting on them, never putting forth an effort to try and achieve them because I thought they were too big for me to try and do at that time. It would cost to much money or I didn’t have all the connections I needed to get the vision accomplished. And what I failed to realize is that I had everything I needed around me except one thing… FAITH!  

frMy lack of Faith in GOD and the ability’s He has given me kept me from moving forward toward those dreams and making them goals. But I kept dreaming, He kept giving me new ideas, new things until finally I stopped sitting and decided to move and act on Faith. Once I began moving things started coming together and that dream became a goal I could now see being accomplished. I realized I kept placing limits on GOD because of my current status, I figured I needed certain connections before an idea as big as mine could even be attempted let alone accomplished; but I am already connected to “The Power Source”  [GOD] and through Christ I can do all things if I have Faith and in line with His word.” G.E.N.E. says

 In the University Of Power, G.E.N.E. solicited a variety of featuring artists [Professors] as he calls it to address a range of topics in each song such as: maintaining faith and the lacking of faith, strength to preserve in uncertain situations, and also having too much faith in your own ability leading to self righteousness rather than being focused and trusting in Jesus Christ. This is certainly a memorable album with a “On Time” message for audiences both young and older alike.

frtMark your calendars for this Fall, and join G.E.N.E. as he takes us on this musical journey through the walls of the “University Of Power.”

Schedule to bring G.E.N.E and the “University Of Power” tour to your venue/city. This is an epic experience you don’t want to miss as G.E.N.E takes your audience on a Live musical journey through the “University Of Power”; encouraging audiences to stay the course of Faith, pursue your dreams and allow GOD to lead & direct your path(s). Contact CTK & Affiliates for booking request and inquiries: email: in**@ct*.rocks

Download the “University of Power” today on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon or email: in**@ct*.rocks for a physical cd copy.

Watch the YouTube video of “University Of Power introduction below, and watch the “New Levels” music video at the top of this article.


The University Of Power class is now in session.

Write Up Source: CTK

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An Orlando based Christian hip hop artist, and Owner/CEO of CTK & Affiliates has been using his gift of rhyme to reach audiences everywhere. His ministry’s foundation is built on the 1 Peter 2:9; (But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.) His cd entitled “Christ the King”, also his slogan is a collection of ten songs discussing the Royal status GOD has called us to live & uphold.

He said: “This is more then music and much bigger than me, it’s a movement. When you hear me say Christ The King it ᅠis a declaration that Jesus Christ is King and Lord of every aspect of my life; so whether good or bad He has and always will work every situation out for my good and for His Glory.”

He launched his production company CTK & Affiliates: “Live, Work & Perform on a Higher level”, a faith based production company providing viewers with an experience that is entertaining, biblical and conducive for their spiritual growth.

As a faith-based production producer, businessman and more importantly man of GOD; he uses all his creative gifts in music, play and script writing and event production to engage audiences and promote Christ Jesus.

“I operate on the Three P principle: (Party, Praise, Purpose) We Party because we are celebrating our new abundant life with Christ, we Praise God for this life and sending his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and we have Purpose, which is to be a witness for God spreading the message and love of Jesus Christ.”

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