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Review: HOUSEFIRES return with third live worship album “HOUSEFIRES III”

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HOUSEFIRES is a group of people from Atlanta, Georgia coming together with the goal to authentically worship God. Many don’t know this, but HOUSEFIRES is actually the group behind the widely known worship song Good Good Father made popular by worship leader Chris Tomlin. The HOUSEFIRES return with their third album titled Housefires III this Friday.

The album starts with a quick, yet impactful introduction with “Filled With Your Glory.” The minute long track sets the mood for the album and introduces listeners to the live aspect of the album.

A very upbeat track, “Your Love is Alive” features a strong beat provided by the audience clapping. It is a special element that sets the track apart. The song is praising God that his love is alive, and that the earth, and our lives are filled with his Glory. The passionate vocals really convey a sense of joy and gratitude to God for how good he is to us.

“Seek First” features a variety of unique instruments that adds a fresh and different dynamic to the song. The song is a promise to God that we will seek him and his kingdom first above all else, because God gives us a peace that passes all understanding. The song also thanks God for giving us all we want and need.

“Abide” is a reassurance that we Abide in God. The lyrics also serve as a reminder that God isn’t going anywhere. Despite our wanderings, and many sins, God will never leave our sides. He is our delight and reward, and we can find comfort in that. The slow pace of the song lets listeners focus on the lyrics and not get too caught up in, or focused on, other aspects of the song.

The album closes with “This is Where I Belong.” Lyrically it is a very simple song, but carries a powerful message. The lyrics talk about how we are held by the arms of love, and how that is exactly where we belong. The chorus is also a cry to God to not let us go. It is a simple, yet beautifully profound statement. We belong with God, and his love holds us and will never let go.

Once again the HOUSEFIRES have created a live worship album that is parallel to none. The longer tracks and slower songs give space for listeners to really immerse themselves in the song and reflect on the powerful lyrics.

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