Video: Hostyle Gospel & Gemstones team up on “Clap” single

Check out the “Clap” music video from Hostyle Gospel and Gemstones above. The story behind the song can be seen below…

Clap is an all out lyrical assault.  We knew as soon as we heard the instrumental that we all had to bring our A games.  Produced by Tone Jonez, with credits like This’l and Lecrae, then with the addition of Gemstones, arguably one of the top lyricists in hip-hop, we knew this song had to not only deliver a strong hard message but also display lyrical abilities while doing so.

The “Clap” concept is about being able to applaud ourselves as believers no matter what everyone else says or does.  We are given so many reasons to be defeated and hold our heads low, but it is in those times when we are at our bottom, all alone that we have to “Clap” for and encourage ourselves.  Wherever we may end up, we are able to “Clap” your way through.

The chorus states, “Now I ain’t strapped but I got a Bible on me!”  Meaning that instead of physical guns, we have the Word Of God that we can use at our disposal.  The encouragement we experience from scripture is more powerful than any opposition we might face.  Then it states, “Gone Clap at ‘em!”  Meaning we now use the power of encouragement as an offensive weapon against whatever is opposing us.  No matter where you are, what you’ve been through, or are currently going through, pull out that word and “Gone Clap at ’em!”

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