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Releasing in Canada on July 29th and the United States on August 12th is Constant, by BEC artist Andrew Marcus. Known for his worship music, Marcus has toured around Europe and Canada, where he leads worship in a church in British Columbia. This release holds the theme of how constant our God is in his provision and compassion.

Track one, “We Are Redeemed” starts with a driving beat intro that subsides for the verses and returns for the chorus. Similar is track 6 “We Live” with an upbeat pop sound to it with synthesizers aimed at younger worship audiences.

“Constant”, the title track, features Leeland, a seasoned worship leader who now sings with Bethel Music. This song speaks of God’s faithfulness, speaking of Him as a “rock” and “defense”. With its catchy beat and worshipful lyrics, this track stands out from the rest.

“You Are With Me” begins with Marcus’ vocals and a beautiful piano riff. Guitars and a subtle drum track can be heard behind vocals that crescendo to the chorus, which goes “In the darkest hour/ in the middle of the raging sea/ when I’m in the battle/ Lord You are with me.” This track is an anthem of hope through dark times. Check out the lyric video for the song below.

Track 4 “Good to Me” features Paul Baloche, another well-known worship leader. On the slower side, Marcus sings of God’s love being all we need in a song of worship from the heart. Marcus’ and Baloche’s voices blend so well in this track throughout.

“Glory to His Name” is a soft and subtle drum track behind an acoustic guitar beneath Marcus’ voice for the verse. The chorus adds a synth organ and a piano. For the second verse the rhythm track becomes more prominent as it leads into the chorus.

Track 7 “Yahweh” starts with a guitar and smooth intro with the focus on the vocals. The bridge is a call out to Yahweh in praise of His holy name and incredible power. This track serves as a reminder that it is only in His name that we are saved.

Tracks 8-10 are live cuts of “You Are With Me”, “Good to Me”, and “Yahweh”. These tracks are stripped down from studio edits and sound filters, and offer a raw worship experience. The quality of the song is not lost, but instead the instruments rely on a simpler guitar and rhythm track. A banjo can even be heard among the instruments.

The production on this album is phenomenal, highlighting Marcus’ vocal talent while still allowing the instrumentation to be heard. There are a variety of instruments used so each song has a distinct sound. However, the album could have been improved by adding variability to the vocals; Marcus has talent and experience, but to really make this album stand out, the songs should have been sung in a way to convey a certain mood or emotion, and passion. Overall, each song on Constant stays true to its theme of God’s constant love, grace, and compassion, making Constant a really strong label debut.

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