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Bryan and Katie Torwalt are a husband and wife singer-songwriting duo. Part of the Jesus Culture music family, Bryan and Katie have written some of the most impactful worship songs. They are best known for writing the Grammy winning worship song “Holy Spirit” made popular by Francesca Battistelli. Bryan and Katie have also released a number of their own albums as well: “Here On Earth,” “Kingdom Come,” and their latest “Champion.”

The album opens with a song that has been taking the world by storm. “Let There be Light” is praising God for being in control, and being with us in the difficult situations. The chorus transitions to crying out for God’s love to be shown everywhere, and for us as Christians to share his love and the light of the world with others. “When you speak, darkness has to bow, confusion has its final hour, when you speak, mountains rise and fall, it tears down every wall, around me”

The title track “Champion” talks about how God is our Champion and he is fighting for us. The upbeat tune really encourages listeners. The song opens with Katie’s powerful vocals and steady drum beats, and builds into a powerful chorus. Despite the power and energy throughout the song, Katie never loses control of her talented vocals and maintains incredible power and range throughout the song.

“Mountain” is a beautiful full song, talking about God’s presence in our lives through the good and the bad. No matter what the season, God is always with us. “High on the mountain I will be lifting my voice, and in the valley I will be dancing for Joy, in every season you are worthy.” These lyrics give listeners a great visual picture of how in ever season God is worthy, and we need to praise him and thank him whether things are going well or not.

The unique beat at the beginning of “Enter the Gates” draws listeners in and attracts attention to the powerful lyrics. The song centers on the idea that when we finally meet Jesus and enter the gates of heaven, all pain and sorrow will be gone. “I enter the gates, come reckless with praise.” Once again, this song really shows the power and range in Katie Torwalt’s vocal abilities.

“God With Us” talks about how God is always with us, and never fails us. He always loves us no matter what. The harmony between the vocals has a sense of peace and magic to it. The simple chorus gives space for listeners to really reflect and appreciate God’s role in their lives, and how he is a constant loving God.

The album closes with “Praise will be my Song,” a song which is another peaceful and calm song, creating a space for listeners to really worship authentically and genuinely. The simple, yet beautiful instrumentals add to the beautiful simplicity of the song. The song is a chance for listeners to praise God for being so good to us. For those who sometimes find it difficult to verbalize their prayers and praise for God, this song really helps start an attitude and vulnerability to praise.

Overall Champion is an amazing worship album that showcases Bryan and Katie’s God given talent of songwriting, as well as their passion and hearts to worship God wholeheartedly, and to share his love through music with others.

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