The name Danielle Haskell is starting to spread across the interwebs within the Christian music community, and for good reason. The new 17 year old Christian pop singer/songwriter on the block Danielle Haskell has a message to share, the talent to do it with, and she’s here to stay.

Below is all you need to start familiarizing yourself with Danielle Haskell’s music, from her bio to details on the two music videos/singles she’s released so far. We’ll be interviewing Danielle Haskell soon so make sure you Get Plugged Into us via the links at the bottom of this article so you don’t miss that. Also be sure to Get Plugged Into Danielle Haskell’s social media networks to stay up to date with all of her latest updates (there may or may not be a new single in the works!).

Danielle Haskell’s Bio (taken from Website):

Danielle Haskell was born on April 29, 1999. Danielle is an aspiring song writer / Christian pop artist from Augusta, Maine.

She started singing and playing piano at the young age of 3. Finding comfort in music on and off the stage, at age 6 it seemed natural for Danielle to add guitar lessons to her schedule. Danielle is a fan of all music genres; however, it was her love of helping others that lead her to the Christian music industry.

In her spare time Danielle volunteers with Big Brother’s Big Sister’s and loves to spend time with family. Danielle spent countless hours assisting her grandmother with her grandfather who passed away in August of 2015 of Alzheimer’s disease. Her grandparents have had a significant influence on her music and in her life which lead to the song “Forget” being dedicated to her grandfather. Danielle plans to obtain a degree in Music Business with the goal of using her talents and business aspirations to continue to help others on the side.

Current/Upcoming Projects

So far, Danielle Haskell has released 2 singles, “Forget” and “New Day.” Both are available on all digital media platforms and a couple of buy links can be seen below. A new single has recently been recorded and is expected soon.

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A special video dedicated to my grandfather who had Alzheimer’s. He was an extremely special individual to me, the person who understood me the most and the person I aspire to be like. For some reason, I was the only one he consistently remembered. He never got my name wrong once. Even during our last conversation after a fall while he was hospitalized for the last time, he knew who I was. Words can not express what that meant to me. I also wanted a song to remind all of us that even when we feel forgotten, God is always there.

New Day

A song about new beginnings. When I co-wrote “New Day”, starting over, forgiveness and leaving everything that was negative in the past was big for me. Hope you can relate!

Buy “Forget”
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Buy “New Day”
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