Egypt Speaks Explores Light and Darkness on New Spoken Word Album

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Egypt Speaks is back with another excellent spoken word album.  Heroes and Villains delves deeper into the human experience, exploring the pitfalls of complacency, and offering  hope to those going through the storms of life.  Each track includes background music, which Egypt has perfectly paired to fit the mood contained within and heighten the listeners’ experience.

The record starts off with a “Prologue,” which sets the scene for what is about follow: a world of heroes and villains, where things may not be as black and white as you would imagine.  This record explores the difference between the hero and villain, and the blurred lines where they intersect.  The next track ponders whether or not darkness has a name.  How can we shed light on something we can’t comprehend?  To be eliminated, the darkness must first be illuminated.

“Origins” is a stirring track, detailing the experience of a young person who had been failed time and time again by an unreliable and abusive father, leaving the young person no choice but to become their own hero.  The passion in Egypt’s voice depicts the emotional roller coaster, allowing the listener to feel these same emotions.  Egypt continues on with “Labeled,” which seems to be slightly farther down the same path that “Origins” set us upon.  This young person, having been abandoned too many times, has decided they will rely on no one, not trusting anyone to stay.  They have gradually developed a hardened heart, pushing them over the edge into the role of villain.  The background music serves to intensify the feelings of despair and anger.

“Heroes and Villains” introduces a glimpse of hope, hinting at a love and power that is above and beyond mere human efforts.  Even those self-proclaimed heroes who do their best to save those around them from the dangers of this world need a savior themselves.  “The War Inside” speaks more about this Savior, the One who loves us anyway, despite our desire to run away and rely solely on ourselves.  As Egypt finishes, the sounds of fighting and war can be heard in the background, and a moment later, a triumphant bugle call emerges from the cacophony, perfectly punctuating the victory of this Savior.

“The Captain and the Storm” offers an even bigger glimpse of this hope.  Hopelessness can often become like a broken record, making it difficult to imagine that things could ever be any different than our current situation.  In this track, Egypt reminds us that God only sends the flood waters because He knows our enemies can’t swim, and that the darkness can’t coincide with His light.  We can remain peaceful in the storm because God will always provide a fire to keep us warm.  The “Epilogue” provides the perfect ending to this record, concluding that Christ has already won the war, and that is the most important victory.  His victory will prevail despite the constant war between the hero and the villain within each of us.

This latest offering from Egypt is quite impressive.  The entire record takes the listener on a journey through all the trials and victories of life, the intensity of Egypt’s voice rising and falling at just the right moment.  This record speaks of battles lost and victories won, and the lessons learned along the way.  Listeners are bound to find something they can relate to, and come away with a reassurance of the hope offered by the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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