Convictions Aggressively Stamp Their Mark With "I Will Become" Album

Convictions Aggressively Stamp Their Mark With “I Will Become” Album

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Proclaiming their style as “aggressive worship,” Convictions are swiftly developing notoriety in metalcore, and creating one of the most devoted fan bases in the underground scene. The Ohio natives, it seems, are as self-made as they come, and are making new waves in a crowded scene. And with good reason – it’s painfully obvious that this record is exactly what they meant it to be: aggressive worship for an audience of One.

I Will Become, their second full-length album, is an open-hearted, honest, and hard-hitting follow up to 2 recent EPs. Strong opener “The Void Remains” is short and sweet, leading right into the first single, “House of Lies.” This is definitely the most dynamic track, with thought-provoking hooks and a good mix of clean and unclean vocals. It also kicks off the concept of the album – begging the title question, What will I become? “Brother’s Blood” has riffs reminiscent of early Norma Jean and Fit For A King, which opens the door to a string of even heavier breakdowns and lyrics of praise and confession throughout the rest of the album. “Charlatan” would be a great song to drive to with its great licks, and is met by the instrumental “Seratonin” that would excite fans of The Contortionist. Mosh-inducing “Clouded Mind,” “The Mourning You Changed,” and “Dark Roots” are complimented with the clean vocals in the chorus of “Healing Hands.” Finishing out the record is the title track, which is the most emotional piece of this collection. Frontman Michael Felker begs forgiveness of past mistakes, promising to become a man of God, and brings the concept of the album full circle.

I Will Become sets the stage for Convictions to break some new ground over the next year. They will show the metal industry the effect of a powerful following and unwavering commitment to honestly and worship in their lyrics. I Will Become will be remembered as what put Convictions on the map.

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