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I Am They is a group of 6 worshippers who travel the country sharing their music with the ultimate goal of bringing glory to God. The name I Am They comes from John 17, when Jesus refers to his disciples as “They.” I Am They wants to share the message with listeners that we are God’s disciples and we are here to do his work. This message is strongly conveyed through the music that I Am They plays night after night. This message is also strongly felt throughout their latest EP called “Resting Place,” which can be picked up at live shows now. The EP includes covers of two popular worship songs, an updated version of a loved I Am They song, and an original track as well.

The first track is a cover of former tour mate Matt Maher’s “Lord I Need You.” This version captures the beloved lyrics, but features fresh harmonies and sounds that are unique to I Am They. They have added their personal spin on the song to give it a sound and feel that is loved by everyone who listens to their music. The harmonies and vocal pairings between vocalists Abbie Parker, Adam Palmer and Mathew Hein has something of a magical feel, and as time goes on the synchronicity of the vocalists continues to grow in ways people didn’t know were possible.

The next track is the band’s current radio single “Make A Way.” The version featured on the EP is different from that of the debut album as it is the debut and introduction of new lead vocalist Abbie Parker. She really gets off to a powerful start in terms of introducing herself as lead vocalist. The updated version of the song really demonstrates her powerful vocals and wide range. The updated version really gets listeners excited for the future of I Am They, and the new music to come with the addition of Abbie. The meaningful lyrics haven’t changed, but Abbie has added her personal touch that really adds to the song.

The second cover from the EP is the popular Bethel Music worship song “No Longer Slaves.” Once again the beloved lyrics have stayed the same, but they have added their own twist that gives it the signature sound associated with the band.

The final track is an original song called “Resting Place (To the Cross)” and it is a “redesigned” version of a classic hymn. The song includes beautiful lyrics and the talented vocals of Abbie Parker. The song talks about how we can find rest in the fact that Jesus died for us, and that’s all we need in life. The song really captures a beautiful message that people need to hear these days.

The combination of vocals between Abbie, Adam and Matt shows off the group’s cohesion and synchronization in a way that is rare to find these days in music. Justin and Sara do a phenomenal job on keys and percussion that really adds the unique and loved sound of I Am They. Overall the Resting Place EP displays the heart and passion behind why I Am They is doing what they are doing. The EP really gets listeners excited for what the future holds for the band.

The lyric video for “Resting Place (To The Cross)” can be seen here.

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