Jo’s Devotions 06/06/2016: Thank God for ‘Quiet’ Blessings

When a breakthrough arrives in a middle of a crisis, we call it a miracle and celebrate it deservedly. When everything runs smoothly, we appreciate it in the beginning but the gratitude begins to fade and it starts to feel ordinary. And ordinary things are hardly celebrated.

It’s like receiving a gift you’ve been praying for a while. You tell yourself you’ll cherish it for the rest of your life (we sometimes underestimate how long the rest of our days are and how the passage of time takes away the first time thrill). But a few months later, you don’t place it down with caution as you used it. You don’t mind throwing it with little care about how it would land. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about it anymore, you just don’t care that much about it like you used to before.

We tend to approach God’s blessings the same way. Everything works well, everyone is healthy, no trouble with family or work colleagues and with time, we begin to depreciate the value that comes with such ‘quiet blessings.’

We don’t have to wait to fall sick and recover from a terrible ailment to acknowledge the blessing of good health. Neither do we have to go hungry for days to appreciate the blessing of daily bread. No need to suffer or narrowly escape a deadly accident to remind us to be grateful for His traveling mercies and protection.

We go to bed expecting to wake up the next morning as if it has the surety of an alarm clock. We sometimes only remember we are still alive because of grace when we hear breaking news of how an airplane, train or automobile crashed with no survivors. The fresh air we breathe in freely in our part of the world is scarce somewhere else in the world. The beaches we may be enjoying in one part of the world happens to be a danger zone for its inhabitants on the side of the globe.

You may be living in a society where your children are safe and go to school and come back with no incidents. Somewhere else, children are being forced to hold guns and pull the trigger to the heads of their own people. Some live and work in tall buildings where the ground is firm underneath so one can go up and down with no fearful thoughts; at the other end, the ground gives up beneath the buildings with no warning killing and trapping scores of people in its belly.

When everything is going on smoothly, don’t forget the Lord your God who has made it so for you. We don’t have to get a wake-up call to constantly appreciate God’s goodness in our lives. Quiet is a great enough reason to keep God’s praises.

To be alive to see this day in this month and year is one big reason to start thanking God, right? Let’s start!


© Josephine Amoako 2016