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A Chat With Lindz West of LZ7; Home Album Out Now

I had the chance to grab a quick chat with Lindz West of LZ7 at The Big Church Day Out this past weekend. Check it out as we chat about the newly released LZ7 album “Home”, what it was like working with Soul Glow Activatur and branching out into the mainstream, and lots more.

Home, the brand new album from the Manchester, England based Electro, Dance and Hip-Hop fusion band LZ7 released last Friday. Featuring artists ranging from Soul Glow Activatur (AKA Solomon Olds) to English emcee Ad-Apt to the former Delirious? frontman Martin Smith, Home is full of massive dance anthems. A sample of the album can be heard below and the music videos for the two lead singles “So Good” and “Home” can be seen below too.

Towards the start of 2015, they released 6 videos giving fans a look behind the scenes of the album making process in the studio with Soul Glow Activatur, as well as Lindz West detailing the stories and meanings behind a number of songs off the album. All of those can be seen here.


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