With a bold message for men of all ages, Kent Evans’ debut book WISE GUYS: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You (June 1, 2016, City on a Hill Studio, $14.99) proposes the compelling case that any man has the power to positively influence the life of another.  Wise Guys encourages men to embrace mentorship – both to seek out and provide the godly guidance all men crave.

As co-founder of Manhood Journey, a ministry that helps fathers and mentors build the next generation of godly men, Kent and his team are also re-launching the MANHOOD JOURNEY father/son curriculum.  Built to inspire communication through guided Biblical discussion, Manhood Journey is a hands-on, interactive program that is available in several formats: Group Discussion Guides, 1 on 1 Discussion Guides and as a pre-assembled Father’s Starter Kit.

The National Fatherhood Initiative suggests that as many as one out of three teenage boys in America lives without their father. Without the guidance of godly men or examples of Biblical manhood, young men’s framework for what manhood looks like will come from the culture around them.  Kent Evans wants to help change this narrative.

Kent has personally experienced how the guidance of godly men can change the course of a life.  As a teen struggling with his parents’ divorce, Kent leaned on a community of men who challenged him to understand the concepts of Biblical manhood.  Now, blessed with a solid 20-year marriage and four sons (with a fifth to be adopted this year), he is passionate about encouraging men to learn from one another and helping fathers build the next generation of godly men.

“I want to help men learn how to learn from each other,” he explains. “This was a common concept in the past, but in our current climate we are raising a generation of young men who have no direction. If our society’s vision of success could change from being fiercely independent to aggressively interdependent, our society would drastically change. We aren’t made to be alone in our life journey!”

Wise Guys shares Kent’s personal stories of 16 ordinary men who offered their time, presence and wisdom to help him along his journey. With a great deal of humor and transparency, Kent shares his lessons learned from each relationship and gives questions and challenges that can help inspire a mentoring mindset for the reader.

Manhood Journey is a non-denominational, Bible-based program that encourages fathers be intentional and engaged in their son’s spiritual growth. Not limited to just father/son relationships, men can include other young men in their lives – nephews, neighbors or friends.  Manhood Journey topics include purity, leadership, temptation, work and career, money, and manhood myths.

More than 5,000 fathers and sons in 46 states and 8 countries have used the program. It has also been used and endorsed by Trail Life USA, the nation’s leading Christian adventure, character and leadership program for young men.

Manhood Journey takes a “4D” approach to mentorship – father to father, father to son, son to son and father to the other sons in his group.  “We hope to spur a movement that changes how men relate to each other,” says Evans.  “What could happen if believing men became a multigenerational, arm-linked society who help each other grow, learn and succeed? The positive change would be impossible to measure.”

The Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit retails for $29.99 and contains everything a dad needs to start a Manhood Journey Group, including:

  •  The Embarking Group Discussion Guide
  •  1 on 1 Discussion Guide
  •  DVD of the introductory videos for all six Manhood Journey modules
  •  10 Maprochures – helpful tools that serve as informational handouts when starting a group or as a guide for which module to cover next for an active groups
  •  1 free copy of Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You.

Each Manhood Journey Group Discussion Guide retails for $19.99 and provides direction for the group leader.  Each Manhood Journey 1 on 1 Discussion Guide retails for $9.99 and includes discussion points and activities for fathers to use with their sons.

Wise Guys and Manhood Journey are available today, June 1, 2016, at http://cityonahillstudio.com/wise-guys and at retailers nationwide.  A free, condensed, e-book version of Wise Guys is available at http://www.manhoodjourney.org/wise-guys


Source: Biscuit Media Group

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