Well, here we are. Another month has come and gone, and I’ve gone through another handful of albums. I feel like there’s a nice variety of sounds in my favorite albums this month, so…you know, props to me for liking stuff.

The Quiet Science – The Rekindling of the Stars

If you’ve seen The Social Network, you probably remember one of Justin Timberlake’s first pieces of advice to Jesse Eisenberg’s fresh-faced Mark Zuckerberg: “Drop the the.” Good advice for a fledgling social media platform, but apparently not applicable for a synth pop band. Go figure. Before this release, The Quiet Science was only known as Quiet Science, so with their third full-length release, they’ve done a reverse-JT-as-Sean-Parker.

That’s a totally real term, and I’m sure it had everything to do with the quality of this album.

Whether the changes came from the addition of a word to their band name or – oh, I don’t know – the natural evolution of the band, the latest release from The Quiet Science sees a brighter sound, featuring more worship-focused lyrics. The multilayered synth soundscapes of The Rekindling of the Stars are bright and happy without being overly sugary. The lyrics have a strong worship focus without sounding preachy. It’s a great listen for fans of worship music who want something just a little different from the usual fare.

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Good Little Giants – Arrows

Sometimes, you just know right from the start if you’re going to like an album. That was my experience with the new release from Good Little Giants. In thirty seconds, I’d heard upright bass, electric guitars, punchy drums, and a whole host of other great sounds. By the time the vocals kicked in, I was sold. Arrows is a fun, bouncy folk album with enough lyrical depth to merit several close listens.

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Thrice – To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere


Thrice is back.

Seriously, what is there to say about this album except that Thrice is back, and it’s like they never left? The music is heavy yet sophisticated. The vocals are raw and passionate. The lyrics are poetic and thoughtful.


Thrice is back.

Download To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere on iTunes here

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LZ7 – Home

When I recommend LZ7 to you, I should probably warn you that listening to LZ7 could lead you to doing dance moves on the couch, and then your wife could end up giving you a hard time for how weird your couch dance moves are, but you’ll keep on doing your couch dance moves because that’s just what LZ7 does to you.

I’m not saying it happened to me or anything. But it could happen to you.

LZ7 has a knack for making incredibly catchy dance-inflected hip hop tunes. The rap sections have just the right amount of raspiness to complement the hyper-melodic EDM backing music. Every song has a club-ready breakdown, and every song tempts me to bust out my super awesome couch dance moves.

But I never do. Obviously.

Download Home on iTunes here

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My Epic – Viscera

Viscera is the kind of EP that you listen to, fall in love with, play over and over and over, take a break from, come back to, and then curse every minute you spent not listening to it. These are five ridiculously good songs. From the shoegazey wall-of-sound guitars of Ghost Story, to the eerie piano of Memoir, to the syncopated rhythm section of Open Letter, there isn’t a weak song in the bunch.

What really stands out about the album is the collection of lyrics. They are evocative, challenging, and powerful. I find the repeated line in Ghost Story coming back to me over and over again: “If it costs me nothing, is it worth anything?”

Download Viscera on iTunes here

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And that’s it for another month. What were your favorites in May?

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