Garrett C. Whitworth releases debut book, ‘The Man Nobody Knew’

Reading the Gospels from an early age and carefully studying them as an adult, author Garrett C. Whitworth conceived an idea to fictionalize the events in Jesus’ life. The culmination of that work is his new book, “The Man Nobody Knew: A Novel” (published by WestBow Press). Although the book is a novel, Whitworth says it is faithful to the gospel accounts of the events depicted.

Whitworth says the book is about “How one man influenced and changed forever the lives of his closest friends and many others and how they, and those who followed their example, are still changing the world to this very day.”

Within these pages, Garrett Whitworth introduces The Man Nobody Knew, the man every person somehow innately desires to know. It’s an irresistible, compelling, surprising road trip from Nazareth to Jerusalem, from a wooden manger to a wooden tree. Feel the Palestinian dust in your sandals, savor fish, freshly-roasted over an open fire by the Sea of Galilee, see him walk on water and raise the dead, hear him say, “Follow me.”


An excerpt from “The Man Nobody Knew”:

“Philip, you—and all the rest of you too—have been with me almost three years, and yet you still don’t know me!”

We were shocked to hear these words. All twelve of us had been his closest associates these past three years. We had traveled throughout our home country with him. We had carefully observed him interact with all types of people in all  manner of circumstances. We were puzzled, dismayed, even angry at what we thought was his unjust and untrue characterization of us, his dearest friends. Had our service to him and his cause been in vain?

Source: WestBow Press

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About the Author

In 1986, Garrett Whitworth conceived writing a historical novel about the life of a man who, arguably, changed the course of world history more than any other man or woman who has ever lived. This book is the result of his years of research. Whitworth lives in Southern California with his wife, Colleen. They have three children and four grandchildren.

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