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Rebekah’s Rambles: Finding Comfort in the Chaos

Well friends, sorry for the radio silence. All I can say is the past couple of weeks have been nothing short of chaotic and unsettling. I’ve had to pack, unpack, move, start working, and somehow adjust to the idea of adult life. (Let’s be honest that’s been rough. A big thanks to my mom for putting up with the daily meltdowns when I realize how hard adult life really is.)

As someone who craves routine, organization, and feeling settled, it’s been tough on my heart. I’ve really had to work on not having this rain cloud of negativity over my head everywhere I go. I hate to use the word season, but as I come out of this season of chaos, I’ve been reflecting on God’s role in all of this.

I know that God is always with me, but this season was a little harder to feel that. So it left me thinking: “why? If God is always with me, and wants the best for me, why would he put me through a time that feels so uncomfortable?” Obviously he had an answer, and it came sooner then expected.

A couple days ago I was reading Jesus Today, a great daily devotional by Sarah Young, and she wrote about finding comfort in God in all circumstances. Perfect timing right? Right. There was one line that really stuck out to me: “If the world were perfect, you would never experience the pleasure of receiving comfort from me.”

So that explains it doesn’t it? I need the chaos and unsettling seasons in life to find God, and to take comfort in his love for me, and knowing he’ll get me through the tough times. If we had a chaos free life, why would we need God? Why would we choose him? What’s the point of his love for us if we don’t need it and go to him in the tough times?

In this season I’ve taken away something important that I want to share with you friends. Instead of wondering where God is, and why he’s putting us through tough times, we need to run to him and find comfort in the chaos. It’s not always easy, but in the end it’s the best way to deal with the chaos and lack of comfort.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”
– Matthew 11:28

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