We Are Leo Releases New Remix Album, Fightback Soundtrack: The Remixes

With a new album coming this fall, the guys in We Are Leo have released the remixed version of their buzz worthy debut on DREAM Records, properly titled: Fightback Soundtrack: The Remixes.  Stemming from a series of remix contests, the group decided to release this amazing work for everybody to hear.  The album is on DREAM Records’ EDM label, DRÖM.

“Fightback Soundtrack: The Remixes  started with the remix contests that we did on Soundcloud. We received several hundred song submissions from DJ’s, producers and electronic musicians around the world who took the vocals from our songs and morphed them some really cool stuff.  When the contests ended, we just sat there with all this great material and we really wanted to get it out to more people than just those who had been part of the Soundcloud contest.  So we picked all of our fav’s and put it together as Fightback Soundtrack: The Remixes so we could get it out to our fans.” – David Duffield, lead singer of We Are Leo

You can also see their latest tour vlog here.

Stream the album at NewReleaseToday.com here.

In addition to iTunes, you can text “WEARELEO” to 51555 and DREAM we’ll send you the iTunes link.

Check out their remixed track, “Phoenix (Unikron Remix)”:

Check out “Epic (Josh Sentner Remix)”:

Fightback Soundtrack: The Remixes track listing:

1. Diamonds in the Dark (J.G.F. Remix)

2. Epic (Josh Sentner Remix)

3. Fightback (Östberg Remix)

4. Diamonds in the Dark (Kevin Aleksander Remix)

5. Northern Lights (Interact Remix)

6. Phoenix (Fraught Remix)

7. Northern Lights (Malmen Remix)

8. Phoenix (Unikron Remix)

For more information about the group go to www.DreamLabelGroup.com and www.WeAreLeoMusic.com

Source: DREAM Records

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You can read our review of Fightback Soundtrack here.

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