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Today V. Rose released her fourth album entitled “Young Dangerous Heart“. This album is her first album with label Inpop Records since signing with them in 2015. Sacramento native V. Rose is known as the most sought after female in the CHH (Christian Hip Hop) genre. This new album features other CHH artists such as Trip Lee, Derek Minor, Flame, and Angie Rose.

The album starts with a fun dance beat in “Take a Broken Heart” (feat. Derek Minor) and is about how God takes our broken hearts away and heals them. Lyrically, this song was a poor choice to begin the album as it was very repetitive in the line “I don’t feel a thing now”. 

Track 2 “If I Don’t Have Love” speaks of earthy riches that never satisfy. This song is catchy with a smooth beat and varied keyboard parts. V. Rose’s delivery of the verse is well done. It references 1 Corinthians 13 and that we can have everything the world has to offer, but V. Rose sings “none of that matters if I don’t have love”.

“Money$ On You” starts with a hook that draws the listener in. Her vocals throughout this song showcase the talent V. Rose has in the diversity of her vocal range. Rose sings of her devotion to Jesus in the lines, “I don’t need to know how much it costs. Every single day You see me taking up my cross, cause I got all my money on You”. Her confidence in Christ is unwavering, and one can hear that as she sings. Flame comes in to sing the bridge of Christ proving His love in His death on the cross.

Similar to the first track, “I Love You So Much” featuring Trip Lee also has repetitive lyrics and music that just do not match the quality of the other tracks on the album.

“Fairy Tale Ending” is another catchy tune and reminds one of the style of Britt Nicole. The lyrics liken finding Christ to a fairy tale ending, “I was lost from the beginning/Now You found me it’s a fairy tale ending”.

Track 6 on the record “We’re Girls” is an anthem to all the girls out there. The target audience seems to be younger tween/teen girls with the theme of having worth and beauty and that comparison to the world is not what they need. Lyrically, it is lacking, but for the intended audience, the words suit the song. Similar in theme is “Love Shaped Heart” speaking to girls who face feelings of insecurity telling them to “let the world see who you are, I can tell you have a love shaped heart.”

Tracks 8 and 9 go together well as worship songs with a different style than V. Rose’s typical fast beats and rhythms. “Sinking Deep” is a cover of a Hillsong Y&F song. Guitars, drums, and piano complement her voice well and this song stands out in a good way. “Storms” is a personal favorite from this record, as it is full of hope in Christ’s faithfulness, “for every valley walked before/ You hold me for a thousand more/ through every fire, every war/ when thunder roars I’m sure You still the storms”. Lyrically powerful and musically harmonious, this song is the peak of the record.

“Not Afraid of the Midnight” is a play on the Cinderella story, with references to a ball, glass slipper, and not being afraid of midnight. The lyrics are clever, but the melody is harder to catch on to.

A song for the times where emotions get the best of us, “Emotionful” is a warning to avoid the moments when we do or say things without thinking when we are upset. The song has a good beat with catchy and relatable lyrics.

“Bottom to the Top” is another anthem-like song with a pop sound to it. In this, V. Rose reflects on her journey of living her dream to be a singer. She credits God’s grace for bringing her to where she is now.

The title track was placed at the end of the album, and V. Rose’s purpose for that is unknown. “Young Dangerous Heart” features simply her vocals over guitar and a simple drum track. It is about her heart and her dreams to overcome doubts and fears in her life.

Overall, the theme of the album is about love, the conditions of our hearts, and the One who holds our hearts no matter what turmoil happens in life. V. Rose did a good job at addressing the heart issues we face in everyday life with a balance of pointing to Christ as the One who solves our heart problems. She sings with passion and writes relatable lyrics for her audience. Although some songs lack quality in lyrics and have the tendency to be repetitive , there are songs that stand out as anthems, songs with catchy beats, along with two worship tunes to make the album worth listening to. V. Rose is a leading vocalist in the CHH and pop genres and with this release it can be expected for her career to grow even more.

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