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Planetshakers is a worship band based out of the Planetshaker church. The church has locations all over the world including Australia, USA, Europe and more. Planetshakers includes members like Sam Evans, Henry Seeley, BJ Pridham, and Michael Guglielmucci among others. Their latest project Momentum is a live EP recorded in Manila.

The title track “Momentum” starts with a crowd cheering, and it makes it clear that this is a live recording. The fun, upbeat track is a song praising God and encouraging listeners to celebrate all the things that God does for us. “So keep the party going, no stopping//Caught up in momentum.” This song was a really energetic way to start the EP off on a high note.

Many churches around the world have started playing “Nothing Is Impossible” on Sunday mornings, and it has become an anthem for many. The song celebrates and thanks God for the fact that because of him, and with him, nothing is ever, or will be, impossible.

“I Know Who You Are” is an inspirational and beautiful track. The theme of the song is that no matter what, through the highs and the lows, God is with us, and will get us through anything. Nothing is too big for him, and his love conquers everything. This song is a beautiful reminder and comfort for listeners that God is always there for them.

“Face to Face” features beautiful harmonies between the vocalists that really sets the group apart. The song is an invitation and a cry out to God to invade our lives, and thanking him for all he does for us in our lives. “I lay my defenses down// ‘Cause I just want You now.” Both musically and lyrically this song is a winner.

The EP closes with “Come Right Now” which has a very upbeat, digital party anthem feel. The party feel does a great job of providing an upbeat, and energizing sound for listeners, but is not as meaningful lyrically. Overall it provides a good variety musically for the EP.

Overall this is a good worship EP from Planetshakers. These songs are being sung in churches around the world, and provide great inspiration and meaning for listeners as they walk with God.

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