Review: Love and Death Deliver Exciting New “Lo Lamento” Single

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Love and Death is back with “Lo Lamento,” an electrifying new single.  The song starts gently, a few soft piano chords, gradually building until about 30 seconds in, when it explodes with their signature heavy djent style guitar sound.  As the first verse begins, the guitar becomes a sort of underpinning, creating a swirling sea of sound upon which the vocals effortlessly float.  The bass and drums are woven together, drifting amidst this sea.  The chorus presents fuller, and no less impressive, guitar playing.  The lyrics are a cry of regret, an apology for unintentionally hurting a loved one, whether through actions or words spoken

“Lo Lamento” is not yet available for purchase, however, fans will receive a download of the song when they pre-order Welch’s new book With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to Korn (May 17).  The song can also be heard above. Fans of Love and Death are sure to be pleased, as it’s been quite a while since the band has released any new music.  Hopefully this is only the precursor to a new record in the near future.

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