Jessica Crawford Releases Wildfire Music Video & Free Download (JesusWired Exclusive)

“Songwriting is like breathing to me – I just can’t help it.  I write the truth I’ve found and hope that my songs will bring freedom to others.  No matter the genre, I love to create music that inspires hope, offers encouragement and honors God.” – Jessica Crawford

We’re excited to be partnering with singer-songwriter Jessica Crawford today in exclusively premiering her much anticipated new music video for “Wildfire.” Not only that though, we’re stoked to be able to offer you a free download of the song as well. You can get your free download here.

“I’m so thankful to release the video for ‘Wildfire,’” Crawford said. “This song is so special to me because it flooded out faster than almost anything I’ve ever written.  It is totally a gift from God that articulates the way Jesus has taken my heart over with his love and set me on fire to share that love with the world. The video is meant to visually communicate the essence of the song in a way that can be appreciate by those both inside and outside of church walls.”

So, without further ado, go ahead and click play above to watch the hot new video for “Wildfire” and be prepared to be set on fire! Be sure to let us know what you thought of the video in the comments below, and share this article/video around with all of your friends.

“Wildfire” is the title track of her 2015 5-track EP which was produced by Daniel Ornellas of DoMusic and the popular band Tree63. The EP is available to be purchased on iTunes and Google Play (links below). The Wildfire video was filmed and directed by Rebecca Friedlander –

Like what you hear? You can grab a free download of “Wildfire” on our Soundcloud below…

Jessica’s lyrics flow from the depths of personal pain to the soaring heights of triumph, and her melodies will guide you along a journey towards hope. She simply can’t keep quiet and will soon spread like a “Wildfire”, so, trust us, you might just want to pay close attention to Jessica Crawford’s music going forward, especially if you’re a fan of Brooke Fraser. You can connect with her using the links below.

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Jessica CrawfordAbout Jessica Crawford:

Jessica Crawford is a singer, songwriter and small town girl. Originally from Bridgewater, Virginia, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. The move was inspired by an opportunity to develop her music while serving as an inner city missionary for Provision International. Jessica’s latest mission is to Love Out Loud through music, ministry and missions. Love Out Loud partners with churches and mission organizations all over the country to share the passionate love of Jesus Christ both inside and outside of church walls. “God called me to ministry when I was my most broken,” Crawford said. “The fact that I am now living a life of ministry is a miraculous gift. This certainly isn’t the life I thought I’d have — it’s better!” In the spring of 2015 she released a five song EP, “Wildfire”, produced by Daniel Ornellas of DoMusic Productions and the band Tree63.

About Wildfire EP:

“Wildfire,” the EP, was released in 2015. Daniel Ornellas of DoMusic and the band Tree63, produced the EP; Shane D. Wilson, who has worked on projects for Chris Tomlin, David Crowder and others, mixed the EP; Nathan Watkins of Rhythm House Production mastered the music.


Love Out Loud is a ministry focused on expressing the passionate love of Jesus Christ by supporting the Kingdom work of existing organizations in communities across America.  The concept is simple, but the method is multifaceted.  Whether offering partnership through ministry, missions, music or a combination of the three, Love Out Loud seeks to partner with groups who aim to extend God’s perfect love to all people without exception. In addition, the Love Out Loud Movement exists to encourage believers to give God’s love away.  Visit the website (, and watch the video below, to learn more about Love Out Loud and ways that Love Out Loud could partner with your church or organization.