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Artist: Kirk Franklin
Album Title: Losing My Religion
Release Date: November 13, 2015
Record Label: Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA Records

Kirk Franklin dropped his latest album late last year and he proved himself once again to be one of the most prolific contemporary Christian artistes of our time.  The album title, Losing My Religion, in itself is thought-provoking. In these end times, it is about time believers let go of the religious idiosyncrasies and focused on deepening their personal relationship with God.

Like any other song he has released in the previous years, the lyrics of the songs on this album are simple, every-day phrases uttered during life’s various circumstances and usual prayer requests made to God day in day out. This makes the songs very easy to relate to and thus perfect for personal encouragement and praise to God.

The tracks are outlined below:

Losing My Religion serves as a spoken word intro to the message of the album.

Miracles would be the typical song sung when one has a testimony. And testimonies happen every day through the transformative power of walking with God. Who wouldn’t want to call himself a miracle?

123 Victory is one of the typical Kirk energetic songs one can dance to in praise in remembrance of how gracious God has been. Even when things are not going the way one would expect, one can be assured that as long as God is leading the way, victory is definitely the end result.

Pray for Me is one touching song about praying for each other instead of putting them down in condemnation. The all-male vocal chant towards the end of the song gives a different worshipful twist to it which creates a conducive ambience to kneel and just pray for others.

Road Trip is a reminder that throughout life’s ups and downs, it is going to be alright because God is taking the journey of life with His people, which is a heartwarming assurance.

Wanna Be Happy? gives the right recipe for what every human being craves for-happiness. Most renowned motivators give various principles but, for believers, it all starts and ends with letting Jesus take the wheel of their lives and following His lead.

It’s Time is a comforting song about receiving the anticipated answer from God after having been patient for a while. The line ‘this day is the day when God says it’s time’ is a soothing statement to say to oneself.

True Story recaps some of life’s experiences and how God’s grace and provision makes a way out for people. Is your story one God can use to show His glory?

Over is another great song about telling yourself that as long as you are alive, it is not over for you. Life might hit you with its hardest punches and you may find yourself down but God says, “it’s not over”!

When is sometimes the question people ask God after waiting for an answer for a while but, for those who have walked with God and known Him, they know His timing is always the best.

My World Needs You is a sincere prayer to God about how much mankind needs Him in his/her individual life. He is the only one who can offer the needed peace, courage and guidance to people to live out their lives in this world.

Intercession is as it is called. It is a humble plea to the Lord to intercede on our behalf to our Father because God sees us but He hears His Son. That is why the world needs Jesus.

No Sleep Tonight is a perfect song to wrap it all up. A sound of love indeed. It serves as a sound reminder of love, faith, grace, patience and every fruit that every believer needs to live a godly life.


The Losing My Religion album by Kirk Franklin sums up the affirmation of our own personal relationships with God because of the testimonies one can recount of walking with Him while listening to it.


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