Athletes, artistes and actors aim for awards and trophies, corporate players aim for plaques and citations, beauty queens aim for the crown and royals aim for the throne with the crown. To qualify to be on the nomination list, one must be one of the best in his field. To be called out as the winner means you are the best…for the moment.

People sacrifice a lot of bodily pleasures and even social interactions just to have a shot at the award on display. Although one may reign as champion for just a season and it is again challenged the next season, people would readily put everything on the line including their health just to hold on to temporary crowns. People would hail the winners as long as their reign lasts and sometimes end abruptly when the hype goes down and when a new one is chosen, they move on to be fans of the new winner.

It is good to aim for accolades for hard work done because it keeps you on your toes which pushes you to constantly give out your best efforts but it is way better to aim for crowns that last.

Christians look forward to crowns of righteousness which would be bestowed on them by their Savior King. And unlike the worlds where there’s only one crown to be won, everyone whose life pleases the Father gets to wear it. And it is not seasonal; it is eternal.

There are several stories of many people who cheated to get their awards; who got stripped of them and their glory which was meant to be temporary anyway was replaced by a lasting legacy of shame and contempt. But Christ in His capacity as a Righteous Judge will reward everyone according to his deeds because He is fully aware of everyone’s actions both known and secret so everyone would get the reward he duly deserves.

So as we go about our mundane affairs, chasing after one kind of recognition after the other; let’s not forget to keep our eyes focused on the crown which truly matters. This crown is not won by competition by who preached the greatest, who gave the most or sacrificed the most. It is up for grabs for anyone who would love and serve God from a sincere heart. The crown will be yours forever; no need to hand it down to someone who outdoes you in some deed. It’s yours to keep.

Do well to make your mark here on earth; we were not created to merely exist but to be fruitful and multiply-to be productive and excellent. But in making yourself qualified for the various crowns that this world has to offer; make sure you don’t disqualify yourself from the eternal crown awaiting you.

Keep your eyes, heart and mind on the imperishable crown and you will win crowns on earth; lose focus on the former and though you may win the latter for a while, you’d lose it to someone else and you’d be left with nothing. Focus wisely.


Josephine Amoako © 2016

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