Gospel Rap Artist B-Fade Announces “All Things Are Possible” Album

B-Fade is set to release his All Things Are Possible album via Trendency Records  on April 22.

Raised in the heart of Oakland, California, Andre Woods (a.k.a. B-Fade) wasn’t immune to the many temptations the streets presented to him. After years of using and selling drugs, as well as many of the other clichés that so profoundly affect urban communities, Andre began to realize the damage he was doing to himself and others. He immersed himself in music as a way to escape the trappings of street life. Ironically, this new-found interest in music pulled him further into that which he was trying to leave behind. Realizing that the only way out of this lifestyle was either death or life in prison, something inside of him knew he had to change. In 2002, Andre Woods found a new life in Jesus Christ. Like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon, he was miraculously transformed from gangsta rapper into B-Fade, an acronym which stands for “Be Faithful and Dedicated Everyday.”

The upcoming album, All Things Are Possible, features some of today’s hottest rising stars from the Christian Hip-Hop world including V. Rose, Keno Camp, Brvndon P (formerly known as Black Knight) and many more, as well as veterans K-Drama, R-Swift, Heesun Lee and former Trendency artist (and godfathers of the genre), The Gospel Gangstaz. This is an album that’s chock full of big names, ministry-minded lyrics and top shelf production.

Trendency Records’ President David C. Coleman states, “B-Fade is not a man with one foot in and one foot out, so to speak. He is ‘all in.’ He is a man with mature faith, and that faith is exhibited in every facet of his music ministry and life. Trendency Records is honored to partner with a man of such noble character in taking the Gospel to the streets.” B-Fade adds, “Pray Area Records believes that Trendency Records is the missing piece of the puzzle. We expect with their strong reputation for marketing coupled with Pray Area Records’ ability to create great quality music, we can achieve maximum results from here on out.”

All Things Are Possible track list
1. We Got It (feat. Keno Camp & K.Agee of RPSMG)
2. My King Go (feat. Pray Area)
3. Don’t Stop (feat. F.A.R.)
4. We Live It (feat. Brvndon P & Pray Area)
5. All Things Are Possible (feat. K-Drama & Joint Heirs)
6. Put That Down (feat. Pray Area)
7. You Got It (feat. Erica Cumbo & R. Collins)
8. Like Him (feat. Pray Area)
9. Christ O Matic (feat. R-Swift)
10. Trust God (feat. Pray Area)
11. Virtuous Woman (feat. Monzo)
12. I Like This (feat. Pray Area)
13. Find Your Mind (feat. Gospel Gangstaz & R. Collins)
14. Take You There (feat. Pray Area & Sarah Muir)
15. This Is My Life (feat. Erica Mason & Shaquayla)
16. Praise (feat. Pray Area & Andre Williams Jr.)
17. Don’t Love The Money (feat. V-Rose & Eric Cross)
18. We Say (feat. Pray Area & F.A.R.)
19. Father (feat. Heesun Lee & F.A.R.)

1-2, 6, 12, 17 K.Agee
3, 5, 8-9, 11, 19 Spec
4, 7, 15, 18 Brvndon P
10, 14 Kev Beats
13 Marv 4 Mo Beats
16 D-Free

Source: SOHH PR

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