Audio: B-Fade – Like Him feat. Pray Area

New Trendency Records artist B-Fade releases the second single from his forthcoming album All Things Are Possible.

The concept for “Like Him” came from a weekly conference/accountability call conducted by Pray Area Records. We were diving into what it really means to be “Christ-like.” It’s important to bring the focus back to what it really means to be a Christian and resist what society and the media tend to focus on.  Our goal is for this song to be used as an outreach tool to show those who have never heard the gospel what the ultimate standard is and the importance of not being influenced by society’s standard (the “got to have it all” mentality).  The foundation is for those who are in need of a Savior.  But we also want this song to be used as encouragement for the “church” (aka the BODY of Christ) to move beyond the four walls of the church building and be Jesus to those who so desperately need to see the love of Christ in action.

Throughout the song, we point to three different perspectives on being “Christ-like” – boasting in the cross, the Great Commission, which is to go out into the world and preach the gospel, and the conscious act of praising our Father in Heaven with our words and deeds.  We are in unity in believing these are part of the fundamentals of Christianity.  Our hopes and prayers are that unbelievers will have an open ear and receive what is being shared, and that it points them to the cross.

We wanted to approach this song with a “Bay area” vibe which has a simple hook that can be used as an “anthem;” a song which has the ability to remind every follower of Christ what the daily goal is. As we pray over this track’s impact inside and outside the Church, our desire is for lives to be changed and for people to seek restoration in Christ Jesus.  Our prayer is that this song will allow the Holy Spirit to move just as He did in each one of us as we made this track.


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