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Many are familiar with the Bethel Church and the ministry they have created. Between their churches, worship band, and solo artists who have joined the Bethel community, Bethel is a well-known name throughout the Christian music scene. They have released many live and studio projects which have all been met with favor from listeners around the world. Their latest live project Have It All is no exception.

“Faithful to the End” is a great song of praise thanking God for always being faithful to us. “From beginning, until the end, you are faithful, Faithful to the end.” These lyrics really show listeners that God really is with us all the time, from the beginning right until the end when we join him in heaven.

The title track “Have It All” is a beautiful reflective song, that gives listeners the chance to feel like they are worshiping with the crowd during the recording. This song gives listeners a chance to give everything to God. To tell him that we want to be his, and he can have everything that we have, and to use us for his glory. The muted instruments grow in sound as the vocals become more passionate, which creates a great feeling of excitement for listeners.

“Pieces” features Steffany Gretzinger and the song really gives space for her powerful vocals to shine. The song talks about the characteristics of God’s love, and how God doesn’t give himself to us in pieces, but he gives us his all.

“Lion and the Lamb” features the newest Bethel member Leeland. The song features a strong energy that really adds to the album. The lyrics talks about how God is the lion and the lamb, and how we need to bow before him.

“Colors,” “Sweet Praise,” and “Greatness Of Your Glory” features well-known singer-songwriter Brian Johnson. His wife Jenn Johnson is also featured on the powerful track “Heaven Come.”

“Son of God” features Cory Asbury and his powerful voice. The theme of this song is God’s love, and how he sent his son to die for us, and all that he has done for us because of that. The variety of instrumentals adds a unique dynamic to the song.

Overall this is a very honest album that will give listeners the chance to really reflect, and use these songs to connect with God and praise him. A great addition to the family of Bethel music, an album that will continue to impact many people in the church for a long time.

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