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Giving Over is the delightful new record from Consumed By Fire.  This trio of brothers have put together a creative collection of pop/rock songs with a Southern flavor, and quite an impressive array of songwriting and musical talent.

The record begins with “Lean On Me,” a lighthearted and encouraging song about providing a shoulder for our brothers and sisters to lean on in those times when life gets to be challenging.  The bass provides a cheerful groove, especially during the chorus, and listeners are treated to some lively horn riffs towards the end of the song.  “Thorns and Sorrows” keeps the momentum going, starting off with some superb finger-picking on the acoustic guitar, and featuring an animated piano breakdown just past the middle of the song.  This song reassures that we are never alone, even when it appears that the path ahead is filled with nothing but thorns and sorrows.  When our burdens become too much to bear, we can give them over to Christ, and He will carry them for us.

“He Waits For Me” slows things down, and features the piano a bit more.  This song has a sort of gospel feel to it, even including a choir of voices at the end declaring that God waits for us down by the water, a place where we can go to find peace and strength and joy.  There is a sincerity to Caleb Ward’s voice that invites listeners to run to this place and experience the comfort of God’s presence, and Josh Ward’s heartfelt guitar solo adds the perfect touch of emotion.  Next up is “Learning To Love,” which will again have listeners snapping their fingers and tapping their toes.  This tune also features the horns, this time a bit more prominently, and advocates that when we learn how to love is when we learn how to live.

One of the highlights of the record is “Hold the Rain,” a warm and comforting story of faith and unwavering belief that God will hold the rain so we can find our way back home to Him, even though the circumstances around us try to push us in the opposite direction.  The song has a very stripped down beginning, with the instrumentation and vocals building throughout.

The record closes with “Crossroads,” a song that had been written by their father years ago shortly after doctors told him he may not have much longer to live.  It is an earnest plea to God, admitting that he was at a crossroads and not seeing any signs directing his path, but surrendering to God, recognizing that He had already brought him through so much, and would remain faithful.  The Ward brothers recorded this song as a surprise for their father, who never thought it would make it beyond his front porch.  The acoustic guitar plucks out arpeggios throughout the song, providing a steady foundation upon which the occasional slide guitar can soar.  With its simplicity and honesty, this song is almost reminiscent of the old hymns.

Even though Consumed By Fire has been a band for years, this is their national debut album.  With their talent, catchy songs, and uplifting lyrics, they are sure to gain even more fans and supporters and thus spread their message of hope and love to those who most need it.  Hopefully this is only the beginning of many more incredible records to come.

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