Rebekah’s Rambles: Patience in the Waiting

I don’t like waiting. In fact, I hate waiting.

I find it so pointless to have to wait for things when I know what the end goal is. Why wait when I can just get to it now?

I find that in life, I always need something to look forward to. I need some big or exciting event to put my mind on to get through the ordinary day to day life.

Going to University? can’t wait for graduation.

Got an iPhone 5, where’s the iPhone 6?

Turning 18? 19 can’t come soon enough.

Just went to an awesome concert, when’s the next one?

So you see what I’m saying? I’m never satisfied, and I think the same is true for a lot of our society. We’re never satisfied, because mainstream media has trained us to always be reading and yearning for the next big thing.

But lately God has really been teaching me about being patient in the waiting. I don’t need to always have a big or exciting thing to look forward to, because every morning that I wake up is big and exciting because God is blessing me with another day here on earth to share his love with the people around me.

I’ve started to appreciate the little sweet moments throughout my day that gives me patience while waiting for those big moments in life.

A couple nights ago, I got to spontaneously hang out with some friends. We played games, did some worship, and shared a lot of laughter and smiles over food. It was completely spontaneous, yet I couldn’t have added anything to enjoy that more.

It wasn’t big, or overly exciting, or anything unusual really. But we spent time in fellowship, worshipping God and just having a good time. And I loved it.

I have nothing big to look forward to right now, and normally that would really bother me. But thanks to God, I’ve been able to better appreciate simple joys that really make the waiting and the ordinary day-to-day happenings a lot happier.

So yes, I may still struggle with patience, but as always, God knows and he’s showing me how to have patience in the waiting.