JesusWired Welcomes The Lasting Hope’s Craig Banister To The Team Of Contributors

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome The Lasting Hope’s guitarist Craig Banister to the JesusWired team of contributors. Craig’s bio and what he’ll be doing for us can be seen below…

Craig’s Bio:

Craig Banister is a musician, recent college graduate, and public relations professional living in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife. He combines his passions for music and ministry by playing guitar in The Lasting Hope. Craig loves music, writing, food, and traveling. He has traveled across half the country with The Lasting Hope sharing the gospel with everyone who would listen. While he is not traveling with the band or working, Craig enjoys capturing photos and videos and catching up on the latest Netflix entertainment.

What Craig Will Be Covering:

Craig will be writing an exclusive column for us entitled Craig’s Corner, where Craig will be diving into scripture and song lyrics and investigating more than what is on the surface. He will also be taking current events and struggles/songs and relating them back to Biblical principles. For an example of the kind of post Craig will be posting, click here.

On occasion too he may be reviewing the odd album here or there, and there might a few other things too!

What Craig says about joining JesusWired:

“I’m excited to join the JesusWired team because music ministry is my passion and writing is what I’ve loved to do since I can remember. Music is a powerful tool that advances the kingdom, so I want to play a part in that in any way I can. ”

Welcome to the team Craig!


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