Rebekah’s Rambles: Raising my white flag to the Fan Girls

I’m not going to put on this “mightier than thou” air and pretend that I’m not part of the problem. Because I totally am.

I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

I am a fangirl.

 When I go to concerts, I’m not always the most cool and collected person. Tears are shed (quite often really) and squeals may have been squealed. Definitely not embarrassing whatsoever!

All that to say, I’m a fan girl! I love these people on stage, and keep up with their lives through social media, so I feel like I know them. The emotional connection is very real.

Not only does the internet connect artists and fans, but it connects fans with other fans. It’s really cool to see these little groups of friends from around the world gathered in the comments section of an artists post, photo or tweet. From the comment section it moves into follows and Facebook friendships. Sometimes, you even get the chance to meet these fellow music fans and go to concerts together. (I was lucky enough to meet a very dear friend this way!)

But sometimes, it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

 Sometimes, (ok lots of times!) a little bit of competition starts up, especially when it comes to teenage girls. As I’m sure many of you know, teenage girls have a tendency to be slightly territorial, and thanks to the connection through social media with artists, we feel like they’re friends. We feel as though we’re personal friends with them. So it always seems a little weird when a lot of people feel that same super close personal connection!

And thus begins the competition. With a sweet mask, notes are compared. How many times have you seen them? How many times have you met and shared a personal conversation? Have you shared your testimony? How many follow backs do you have on which platforms from which artists? The list goes on, and so does the one-upping.

So I’m raising my white flag. I’m done. Because really, why does any of that matter? It is so fun and special when you get to interact with your favourite artists in person, but that’s not what this is about! Especially when it comes to Christian music. I love this music and these people because of how genuine, and passionate they are. I love how on fire for God they are, and the message they are sharing.

So let’s change the competition, and join together with our gratitude for this blessing of music that we can use as a tool to praise God.