Twilight Meadow’s The Worlds We Discovered Out Now

Nashville artist Twilight Meadow is proud to release the debut album on Drom titled, The Worlds We Discovered.  Produced by EDM and Remix Artist Matthew Parker (Capital Kings, Lecrae, Rapture Ruckus, Jonathan Thulin and more), Twilight Meadow brings an excellent cross of creative pop and EDM melodies with lyrics about love and hope.  Featuring 16 tracks, the album has guest appearances by The Sailor’s Lantern and Anna Criss with remixes by Matthew Parker, Jacob Stanifer and, winners of The Worlds We Discovered Remix Contest, Nasturtia and RAAL.

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Twilight Meadow

The Worlds We Discovered Track listing:

1. The Worlds We Discovered

2. Sleep in Peace

3. Drifting

4. Rise, Sun, Rise (feat. Anna Criss)

5. Homeward Bound

6. Autumn Forever

7. Never Ever Ever

8. Galaxies Apart (feat. The Sailor’s Lantern)

9. Dreamy Eyes (feat. Sunroof)

10. Winter Froze the Flower

11. Mystery Mountain

12. Galaxies Apart (Jacob Stanifer Remix)

13. The Worlds We Discovered (Nasturtia Remix)

14. The Worlds We Discovered (RAAL Remix)

15. Never Ever Ever (Matthew Parker Remix)

16. The Worlds We Discovered (Matthew Parker Remix)

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The Worlds We Discovered released March 11th.

Source: DREAM Records

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Twilight Meadow is a mystical, musical journey through a dream world. Filled with feeling, Twilight Meadow’s music has a hard time finding heartstrings that it cannot pluck. Twilight Meadow is the imagination of a young artist living in Nashville, who makes Dubstep, EDM, and Pop under his own name. He began Twilight Meadow in 2011 as a creative outlet to take a break from his normal sound, and create music in a genre that he calls “Dream Electronic”.


The story of DROM is one built in a pure passion and love for EDM music for years. Founded by Lance Brown, David Thulin and Dave Hanley, DROM (which is Swedish for “DREAM”) launched in early 2014. Creating it’s own sub-culture and signing premiere talent out (Matthew Parker, David Thulin and Unikron), DROM is forging ahead with great dance music for everybody to listen to.