Most people feel incomplete by themselves. They go in search for additives in order to have a sense of being whole like a particular job, a spouse, kids, meditation sessions etc. Most of the time, people still feel unfulfilled after going after the aforementioned. As creatures, we were born to feel complete only with the touch of the Creator. Only God can fill the vacuum in our hearts and despite the theories spun by the world to make us believe we cannot be whole by ourselves, God created us to be complete individually, male and female, single or married, parent or childless.

Anyway, I want to address the theme from another angle. Typically, when we deem something or someone as incomplete, we always assume that something is lacking and so something should be added (i.e. 99 + 1 = 100). But sometimes, we are being uncompleted by something already in or with us, eating away our quality of being whole (i.e. 100 + (-1) = 99). Don’t mind the math if you hate it like I do, it’s just to make my point clearer.

What could these quality-eating virus be? A combination of all the little things: a little anger, impatience, unforgiveness, apathy, envy, lust, a toxic relationship…the list goes on. We sometimes justify these ugly attitudes with statements like “I was born like that; that is just how I am.” But we can testify ourselves that some of these positions we take do not add any quality to our life whatsoever and we don’t put in much effort to do away with them in spite of the realization.

Every character we pick up either adds to or subtracts from our person. We spend most parts of our lives chasing things that would add up to make us feel complete and ignoring the things that remain with us which keep eroding our quality.

So look at yourself in the mirror and look within yourself. What incompletes you? What is part of you that keeps you from achieving your full self? It doesn’t matter how long it has stayed with you, if it’s not improving your life, it’s time for it to leave! It’s never too late to do a character overhaul. Life is too precious and short to allow viruses to eat away at our quality.

Have a blessed week, everyone!


Josephine Amoako © 2016





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Josephine Amoako is a contributor and a lover of Christian music from Ghana. She's an enthusiastic writer of stories, Christian and inspirational articles and poems. She's also a graduate of the University of Ghana, where she read French and Psychology. She has dreams of becoming a script/screenwriter in the future and has a burning desire to share her talent with the whole world.

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