Theody Defines Their Place in Christian Rock with New Record

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Release Date: 03/11/16

With their new album, Define the Relationship, Arkansas-based Christian rock band Theody brings some fresh new sounds that will surely have listeners’ hearts pounding and fists pumping.

Opening track “Can You Hear Me Now” answers its own question, beginning with an explosive guitar riff that can’t be missed.  In addition to the guitar, the relentless drums infuse the song with forward momentum.  This song expresses a desire to go against the crowd and not fall into the mindset of the masses.  The title track adds some exciting electronic elements that hover just above the sea of heavy guitars and solid bass lines.  “Define the Relationship,” which features guest vocalist Zene Smith of Fight the Fade, takes a unique approach to the Christian life, wrestling with the idea of giving oneself completely into God’s hands and trusting that He knows best, wondering what we might have signed ourselves up for, and struggling to define that relationship and what changes a life with Christ might bring.

“Reflections” starts with an intriguing chord progression on an acoustic guitar, the sweet melody providing the perfect compliment.  A moment later, the warm sound of a cello joins the mix, and the full band soon adds the final layer.  The poetic musings conclude that love holds the key to wholeness, despite whatever distorted reflections of our past we may cling to.  “Anthem” is just that, a resolute declaration that we will not be silent about the incredible things that God is capable of.  This anthem is an energetic call to action, encouraging believers to boldly step out in faith and dare to believe that, with God’s strength, we can change the world.

“Goodbye Security” features an impressive guitar solo, with Adam making good use of the wah pedal.  This song is a challenge to those who think they can safely coast through life, with such hard-hitting lyrics as: “But if you want what you’ve never had you have to do what you’ve never done.”  The record closes out with a slower track, a love letter from God to His beloved children, expressing His love and faithfulness, even when we repeatedly try to run away and follow our own path.  “Falling For You” starts simply, with just a piano providing support for the vocals.  The sweet strength of Lauren Elizabeth’s voice truly shines on this song.  This track continues to build, eventually adding strings near the end, a beautiful culmination of the themes expressed within.

Define the Relationship explores the different aspects of what it means to be a Christian, and does so while encouraging and inspiring believers to live out their faith boldly and radically.  This is an exciting rock album, and would be a worthwhile addition to the collection of music lovers everywhere.

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