Meredith Andrews Takes Listeners “Deeper” With Latest Album

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Release Date: 02/19/16

Many know her as one of the powerful voices behind the worship band Vertical Church Band, but Meredith Andrews has also created a name for herself as a solo artist. This Dove award winner has wowed listeners with albums like As Long As It Takes, and Worth It all which features songs like Not For A Moment (After All) that many will recognize. She has also taken part in the Vertical Church albums. Her latest project Deeper gives listeners the classic Meredith Andrews sound they love.

The album starts in a very pop, upbeat tone with the first track “Sunrise.” This is a very different, unexpected sound compared to previous hits like Not For A Moment (After All). The song talks about how whenever we look to God, we see beautiful things.

The title track “Deeper” has a very powerful message. The song talks about how as Christians we still go through some very difficult times, and how those times can bring us closer to God, and he will bring us joy throughout those times. The upbeat, pop vibe will really encourage listeners.

“Spirit Of The Living God” has a very passionate, yet reflective and emotional tone. This is a song of praise really thanking God, and crying out to hear more. The simple instrumentals paired with the passionate vocals really work with the lyrics to convey a powerful message.

The first single from the album “Soar” is very upbeat and encouraging. The song encourages listeners to live for God while we wait for him to come back again. Once again, the talented vocals really work with the lyrics to convey a very encouraging message for listeners.

“Trusted” continues with the showcase of power throughout the album. Throughout the song listeners really hear the vocal range and power that Meredith Andrews is capable of. “You can be trusted, I have never known your love to fail.” The song is praising God that we can trust him, and no matter what he will be there for us because of the love he has for us.

“Christ Is Enough” is a strong declaration that Christ is all we need. He is all we need because that is where our happiness comes from. “Christ is enough for me, everything I need is in you.” This song is so important for listeners because it gives them a chance to declare their love for God.

“Jesus Sees” really gives listeners a powerful encouragement, that no matter what we go through, or where we are at in life, Jesus is with us through it all and sees everything. “You are not forgotten, he is near to the broken hearted.” These lyrics are such a powerful reminder of God’s presence.

Overall throughout this album Meredith Andrews has managed to display not only her power and talent musically, but also through the meaning and inspirational messages. This album will serve as such an encouragement for so many throughout years to come.

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