JesusWired Welcomes Billy Praise To The Team Of Contributors

We’re delighted to welcome Billy Praise to the JesusWired team of contributors. Billy’s bio and what he’ll be doing for us can be seen below…

Billy’s Bio:

Billy Praise is a young engineer, writer, blogger, art lover and music geek residing in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a strong passion for music all round and believes that it’s a powerful medium with which God reaches his people and the world at large. When he’s not working, he’s reading a book, playing the piano, writing or creating something.

What Billy Will Be Covering:

Billy will be covering reviews from the Rock & Metal, Gospel, Gospel and CCM music genres and will also be contributing via a monthly column entitled “The Spotlight” which will be where he will ‘geek out’ about an artist or band that has rocked his world.

What Billy says about joining JesusWired:

“I’m super pumped about joining the JesusWired team of contributors, it’s a privilege to be able to give back in some way to music that has been with me over the years.”


Welcome to the team Billy!

Billy’s first review of Anchor & Braille’s Songs For The Late Night Drive Home album can be read here, and the first edition of his new column “The Spotlight” which features Silent Planet can be read here.

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