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Release Date: 10/16/15

Hillsong Worship is a worship group based from the popular, internationally known mega church Hillsong. The group features members like Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston (son of Brian Houston), Ben Fielding, David Ware and Annie Garratt. They have released album such as Cornerstone, Glorious Ruins, No Other Name, and their latest live album OPEN HEAVEN/River Wild.

The album opens with a very peaceful, yet powerful song, “O Praise The Name (Anástasis).” The song talks about the story of Jesus, and how he died on the cross to save us. The song reminds us to praise God because of the sacrifice he made by sending his Son. The presence of the cello really adds a unique element to the song.

“One Thing” has a very familiar sound, and feels like a typical Hillsong tune. Despite the familiarity, the lyrics provide a great message about how Jesus is the one thing we need in life and everything else is worthless.

The title track “Open Heaven (River Wild)” has a very interesting, unique feel. The message is also very interesting, and definitely not your standard worship song. The song is really a call for the Holy Spirit to really connect with us, and to make its presence known as we worship.

“Jesus I Need You” is about exactly what the title says. This song is giving listeners the chance to cry out to God, and really say what they’ve never been able to find the words to say before. That they need Jesus.

“In God We Trust” has a very upbeat, encouraging sound. The passion in the vocals can still be felt even through speakers. The song talks about how as Christians we can, and do trust in God because he won’t be shaken, and no matter what he will always be there for us.

“Never Forsaken” closes the album with a very graceful ending. The delicate vocals really give the lyrics justice. The message of the song is praising God and giving him our gratitude for always being with us, and never forsaking us.

Overall, OPEN HEAVEN/River Wild really provides some good anthems of worship that really fit in with the Hillsong brand. Churches around the world will be singing these songs for years to come.

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