Life as we all know it, is full of uncertainties and loves to play pranks on its partakers. One can have a well thought-out, very detailed outline of what he wants to accomplish but no one can pull up surprises more than life. That’s what makes life that intriguing and interesting at the same time.

Everyone who finds himself on this planet has a purpose to realize. Just as animals occupy territories by their given mandate, some crawl, some walk, some swim, some run, hop and leap and some fly. As humans, we all can’t achieve the same things. We all can’t be presidents, CEOs, athletes, singers and the other popular social statuses we know. The satisfaction of life is realizing your potential and maximizing it to its fullest capacity even if it doesn’t fall into the category the world tags as ‘renowned’.

Sometimes the circumstances we see ourselves in do not match the convictions we have inside us about who we were meant to be. That’s where the leap comes in. When all doors are being shut in your face and there are no bridges to cross, all we are left with is to leap in faith. As long as your faith is in the God who has called you into His purpose and not in man whose intentions might be in your favor today and against it tomorrow, your safety is guaranteed.

Your purpose is to serve the world with your gift; not to hoard it for your personal amusement. Find your gift and bless the world with it. And when the walls are closing in around you, don’t shrink inwards; leap! God’s arms are wide open, ready to catch you into your promised land.

Josephine Amoako © 2016


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